How to Make 2020 The Best Year of Your Life

“May you live in interesting times.” — Chinese Curse

As a child, Alexander The Great was forced by one of his tutors to wake up every morning and go for a swim in a nearby river. Imagine someone waking you up before sunrise and forcing you to spend an hour in freezing cold water.

Yet, after being a crybaby about it for a while, Alexander decided to do something truly remarkable. No, he did not assassinate his tutor. He simply decided to wake up on his own terms, long before his teacher would walk in on him, and go take that long swim in the river by himself.

This simple change in attitude made all the difference. He had decided to play the cards that fate had dealt him as if they were the cards he had always wanted.

It was his choice to wake up before everyone else and go for a swim in the river.

We’re halfway through 2020, but what a year this has been so far, right?

We struggled with a pandemic, the subsequent lock-down, its economic repercussions, maybe aliens, and now civil rights movements.

It seems there’s nothing we can do but choose to wait for the storm to pass.

Well… what if I were to tell you there’s a way to become the storm?

Yes… I think I’ll do just that. I’ll share with you the mindset I developed during these harsh times.



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