These 5 Quotes Changed My Mindset Forever

Nine years ago, just as my father declared bankruptcy, I went through a sort of mid-mid-life crisis; the kind of often have to fight against when you’re twenty-something and lost.

Nothing made sense. I struggled with depression and feelings of insecurity. I was a bunch of good intentions held back by a set of limiting self-beliefs, anxieties, addictions, all stitched together with a lot of hope.

I was so desperate for a way out of hell that I couldn’t see the fact that hell was something I had built for myself, hell was something I was carrying with me wherever I went.

During these years, as I slowly descended into darkness, I’d often stumble upon quotes that I’d deeply resonate with. They’d offer a bit of comfort, a bit of clarity, and I’d ponder and ponder about them.

The ones I never forgot about are the ones that defined my mindset and allowed me to escape the hell of my existence.

Here are five quotes that defined my mindset and allowed me to fight for my dreams.


3 thoughts on “These 5 Quotes Changed My Mindset Forever

  1. I find it extremely ironic that I should read this post on the very same day I talked to you about fears and anxieties of failure and criticism… You said some really amazing things in this blog post that I have already been learning, and I think it’s great that you have learned these things much earlier in life than I have. You seem to be way ahead of the game!

    I actually wrote down several quotes that you said because of how inspiring those were. Never mind the five quotes you quoted! Your own wisdom shined through quite well. You talked about how we create our own pain and suffering, often because our fears keep us stuck:
    * “Suffering…is a conscious decision you make by trying to avoid pain.”
    * “We are the ones who dig ourselves a hole so deep we often reach hell.”
    * “It’s not the fall that breaks us, but rather our fear of falling.”
    I found these quotes incredibly truthful, because it is that fear of falling, or failure, that keeps us so stuck that we don’t take action, and it is that lack of action that creates our failures.

    It is interesting to note that human beings often dislike change. There is a preference for staying in their comfort zone, which I found in my experience to be quite uncomfortable. So when you said “we prefer known hells over unknown heavens” I can relate to that. But I found that my hell became so unbearable that I had to face my fears and dig deep within myself to discover the very truth you’re talking about here. And in this, I was able to arrive at the conclusion that I had to change or die. “I knew that adversity would reveal who I truly was and that I feared adversity because, deep down, I wasn’t who I wanted to be.”

    It was when I went through the most devastating experience of my life that I realized I had created the downward cycle of my life, and it was this that led to the manifestation of that experience: homelessness. I had literally dug that hole so deep that I landed in hell. And when I got there, I discovered I did not like the person I was, but ultimately, I found the “real” person that I am and who has been longing to get out and live.

    For the last year-and-a-half I have been learning to reframe my way of thinking and I have shifted my mindset, which I have found has had an incredibly powerful effect on my life. I decided to face my fears – that storm – and allow my true self to come forward, be authentic, and do what I was meant to do. And strangely, I feel much more at peace with myself in spite of those fears, because I am moving forward and being the authentic me.

    Thank you for writing on this topic. I was obviously meant to find it. It has helped me to remember what it is that I am trying to do now.

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