The Only Shortcut to Happiness is This

Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one is willing to die.

Well, the truth is that while we’re here, on this earth, we get to either create heaven or hell. Either is something of our own making.

And while we all pretend that we want heaven, we complain, argue, gossip, and cry over things we have yet to lose.

Happiness is not to be pursued, it’s not the by-product of having money, fame, or being physically attractive.

Happiness is a state of mind. Happiness is an architectural build. It’s like placing one brick over the other until it’s shaped like a house.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Odds are, you’re currently chasing after something. 

Maybe it’s a new house, a new job, a new relationships. Maybe it’s building a new source of income, or going on a vacation somewhere exotic.

Whatever it is, you want something that you don’t have, and this has the house of happiness on fire.

You cannot build heaven within you if you are constantly looking outside for things that make you happy, if you are venturing into the future for what is supposed to be the secret ingredient for your happiness.

This is something that’s been written about extensively until it’s become one of those terrible cliches to be avoided at all costs.

Yet, if you were to spend a moment thinking about it, we avoid to think of happiness as a product of our mind because it’s so difficult to do it.

Gratitude is one of those rare superpowers that take years of practice to develop.

And, you see, gratitude is what you should be pursuing, rather than happiness.

Gratitude Is The Shortcut to Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is going to take you on a collision course with hell itself. It’s a battle you cannot win.

There will always be something that’s missing.

Maybe happiness is not achieved when there’s nothing more to be gained, but when there’s nothing that could be taken away from you.

Whatever happens, you are grateful. Whatever is taken away from you, you accept it as the way life is.

Being grateful for what you have makes you more energetic, more motivated, and better equipped mentally to tackle the day to day trenches of life.

You are able to focus on the tasks that matter, thus ensuring that you have the time and energy to build heaven within yourself.

Karma Is Not What Happens to You, It’s How You React to What Happens to You

How you react to what’s going on around you is your karma. The events in themselves can carry any meaning they want.

When the coronavirus pandemic started I decided to treat everything as an opportunity. I decided that opportunity looked an awful lot like hard work, so I worked hard at taking advantage of whatever opportunities were hiding behind the adversities of life.

I decided to be grateful for the chance to go through such a storm and come up stronger on the other side.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools because it allows us to see the world as something of our own making.

We develop a strong inner reality. It is a must if we wish to be grateful even for the things that most would consider to be catastrophic.

Once you develop a strong inner reality, you have conquered yourself. Then you can conquer the world.

There’s a price you must pay for the life you live.

Most people are ungrateful, always pursuing the things they think will make them happy. The price they pay is unhappiness, a focus on external factors, a desire for validation, an incapacity for self-love.

Look, gratitude is extremely important. The quality of your life depends on the quality of your daily thoughts.

Life is beautiful. You have this one chance to do all that you will ever do, and so you should think and act accordingly.

Be grateful for where you are at in life, because if you don’t, you will have built hell within you, a hell that will become increasingly difficult to escape from.


  1. Yes what you are right what you are inside is what we focus outside so changing our thought with the determination of replacing negative with positive and showing gratitude for everything be it small or big helps in a great way . christian mihai i really appreciate your writing.

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  2. Yes, and like a croupier’s eyes trained to watch the whole room whilst looking as though you’re not paying attention to anything, or a Black Belt Instuctor, or as an Architect…. as all three I full-on agree to your example of the “build” of gratitude required. One can’t draw every nail so to speak, nor if a hammer isn’t hand, go around only looking for nails.

    From my Architect’s, Tarot, & Astrology Reader’s business perspective in regards to building value, gratitude is one of the key gigs to get me and my clients there. Without it, it’s all simply, “Cool, you talk a good game, though can you box?” Proof in the pudding. Plus, if one is not grateful for what one is doing, not many other are going to be grateful for what is being done. And then, what’s the point of any of it? Pointless, at best, which equates to, “why do it in the 1sr place?” That’s certainly not the way I run my process from a creative or business and/or both perspective.

    Gratitude. Not just A+ #1. It’s a mandatory stipulation to be specified and required by Oz behind the curtain. If not present, no dice, as there’ no point. It’s more important to work on things that mean something rather than doing work just because someone has money. It imparts a sense of responsibility to actually build something more than talking about building something, or in the case where I’ve fired clients…. to build something rather than exhaustively and continuously talking about doing it regardless of whether they paid their invoices or no.

    Back to Bugs Bunny, “You talk a good game. But. Can. You. Box?” How does your gratitude box to build value?

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  3. Wise words – the most fundamental truth in every human life. I have found that though it was easy to grasp on a theoretical level, I needed to fully live it to stop finding myself in things.
    Thanks for writing!

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