The Five Most Motivational Words in the English Language

Want to know what I like most about words?

Just how powerful they are. How they can either make or break you. How they can inspire, motivate, or place you in a negative feedback loop forever.

The words we tell ourselves often become our destiny.

Words give us the opportunity to tell ourselves a story that is empowering, to build a mindset that enables us to create happiness, rather than pursue it mindlessly.

Yet, we often fail to do so. We use words that do not motivate us, quite the contrary.

That’s why I am writing this article. That’s why I am going to share with you the five most motivational words in the English language.

The Five Most Motivational Words in the English Language

No matter what you do in life, you are going to fail.

That’s it.

You are going to fail.

Isn’t that wonderful to know? Isn’t that the kind of certainty that grants you the freedom you never before experienced?

If you are just starting out, you are going to fail.

Even if you do your best, you are going to fail.

When you were a child learning to walk, you fell over and over again.

You are going to fail in art, in life, in love. You are going to fail in business, too.

Failure is the default.

Okay, but Why Is This Motivational?

Because you can stop being afraid of failure now. You can use failure as the framework to build the best life that you can, as the foundation for your success in life.

And you know this is true. Deep down, you know that your fear of failure has often left you with dreams so broken you were unwilling to pursue.

But is it that bad to fail?

Take me for instance. My first novel sold 2 e-book copies in four months. The paperback didn’t fare much better either.

My first-month blogging? I earned $1.05. Before taxes.

My first relationship? I failed.

The first house I ever bought starting falling apart over the next couple of months.

I have failed, over and over again, and it never hurt quite as much as the fear and panic I felt before trying.

We spend so much time running away from failure, but we also run away from adventure, from opportunity, from growth. For me, the most motivating thought I can have is “I am going to fail no matter what.”

Let Go of Your Fear of Failure

Knowing that we can only become successful by failing countless times is the secret ingredient to a happy life.

We do not learn a new skill by getting it right, but by getting it wrong so many times that we begin to intuitively know how to get it right.

We often tend to see life as black and white. Truth and lie. Success and failure.

But life’s not like that at all.

Life’s a billion different colors, and we can always decide to hold the brush ourselves and paint over the colors we do not like.

Failure is often painted as the opposite of success.

It is not.

Failure is a stepping stone to success. Failure provides more education than school ever will.

If you want to live life on your terms, you’ve got to let go of your fear of failure.

The moment you realize that failure is inevitable, you can accept not to be diminished by it.

The moment you understand failure is essential to becoming success, you are no longer destroyed by your fear of it.

You set yourself free by knowing, on an emotional level, that failure is something to be pursued, something to be appreciated.

Failure lets us know that we are doing stuff, venturing outside our comfort zones.

If you are not failing, you are not growing. As simple as that. And once you stop growing, you might as well be dead.

Knowing that I am destined for failure is quite motivating, if you look at it from the right angle.

You are no longer shackled by your fears, but rather led by your dreams.

You become acutely aware of the fact that the often hopeless struggle to live life on your terms is hopeless because you make it so.

Do not let your fear of failure dictate the terms and conditions of your destiny.

You were born to fly. Do not crawl through life because you are afraid. Soar, knowing full well that there will come a time when the sun will burn your wings.

But is it that bad to fail? That terrible to fall?

Isn’t it worse to stay on the ground, forever asking yourself what your life would have been like if only you had the courage to take the leap?


  1. I must be one of the lucky ones, for I learned at a very young age that failing was very normal. Consequently, I have never been afraid to have a go at anything, and although I have failed more often than not, it has been fun trying to beat the system…

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  2. It could not have been put better. Failure is a part of life and is a motivator as well.
    We are so obsessed with striving for success that we start to fear failure and hesitate from pursuing things that can we know we can be good at. But the fear makes us comfortable with mediocrity.

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  3. Actually, it can work as a spur, too. My history teacher at school told me I was going to fail history. I said ‘No way. I’ll show you.’ (not to her, though. She didn’t like me.) The result? I passed! Only just, but I passed.

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