Introducing: raconteur

This is crazy, in more ways than one.

I started this blog in April 2012 because I wanted people to read my fiction. I wanted to write books, sell books, and then make movies from those books.

That was the goal, and that was my plan ever since I wrote my first story fifteen years ago. Or was it sixteen years?

No matter.

And, even though I never shared this, any project I ever embark on is flavored by a bit of regret. I could spend the time, the money, and the energy writing stories, working on my novels, and so on and so forth.

I do not want to regret not sharing my stories with the world anymore.

That’s why I am launching raconteur.

It’s simple. A story every week. Just like Ray Bradbury used to do.

One story every single week, no matter what.

This is the first story:

Click here to read

You can also find the stories (and a bit of extra stuff, such as eBooks, exclusive behind the scenes, and an opportunity to spend some money and support me) both on patreon and on substack.

For as low as $4 a month you get access to every story I publish, and get to download every novel I ever published.

That’s about it.

I’ve got a few stories to write.



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