Mission Regrettable: Facebook, Big Business, and Nostalgia


Usually this blog examines images in advertising and the slogans that accompany such images. In this particular post, the slogan itself takes center stage in the form of Facebook’s mission statement:

To give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

For those who have come across this declaration, how many have laughed out loud, sneered, or even gagged? Can a company that caters to egoism really claim to be altruistic? And yet, how many people stop to ask this question? How many simply absorb the message and think nothing of it?

Girl alone in her big-city apartment looks at her phone.

“The amoral corporation as humanitarian” is a card that has been played so often, it no longer registers as a play. Or perhaps the public has simply become accustomed to pretense as part of the consumer landscape. Consider the mission statement as a public relations tool, twisting and softening the true aim of any…

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