Hello Rejection, My Old Friend

Whenever we submit a part of our soul that we translated into words, we do so armed with nothing but the hope that the person reading our work will understand it.

Sometimes they do. Most times they don’t.

Rejection scrapes the heart. But, well, there’s nothing to do about it. In fact, rejection is as much a part of being a writer as punching those damn keys. It’s as much a part of being a writer as the edits and the rewrites and the social media marketing.

Rejection is this universe’s way of testing our commitment to our cause. If we wouldn’t have to deal with rejection, everyone would…


  1. You make a great point, Cristian, how we share a part of our soul. The concept of rejection came up with a blogging friend this morning. She writes beautiful posts, yet she is hesitant to submit her writing anywhere else. The reason ‘rejection.’ As I read more of your posts, I agree how many/all of the best writers have had to deal with rejection. Your phrase ‘writing nothing at all’ gave me goosebumps. Writers, write. Submitting work, often not likely.

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    1. Brilliant.

      It reminds me of this Romanian poem about critics.

      One of the verses goes like this, “It is easy to write verses out of nothing but the word.”

      It’s sad but true that many who critique the painting (even the gatekeepers who choose its destiny) never even held a brush.

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  2. So much goes into making a story that seems meaningful to us that rejection or harsh criticism of it feels almost too hard to bear! This was a great encouragement though to me and I am sure many great future writers that are on here reading!

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