New course on irevuo, credit card purchases, and more updates

Hey guys,

I’m excited to announce that a new course has been released on irevuo.

That’s number eight. And we’re only getting started.

Do you want one year access to our platform for only $9? Click here.

The Basics of Designing a Book teaches you some fundamental notions, elements, and design principles.

I’m sure there’s some good knowledge in there, whether you’ve self-published before or not.

Also, we just reached our milestone. A hundred lessons.

What’s next?


Credit card payments are now available.

I know there are some people out there who hate PayPal, or just don’t have an account (and don’t want one), so you can now simply use your credit card, and that’s it.

Someone emailed me yesterday to inquire about our one year/$9 offer.

They asked if this was legit, if the courses were real, if they were any good.

The answer to these questions?

Yes, they are.

And they’re certainly worth a lot more than just $9.

What’s $9? A meal at Mcdonald’s?

Like I said, I am offering this special offer because I want as many folks as possible to join.

That’s the endgame.

And I want to build a community for indie writers, for those who need the support and guidance.

That’s why this offer exists.


Click here to join our platform.

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