Two new courses on irevuo

Hey guys,

New courses have been added to irevuo’s collection of courses and frameworks designed to help indie writers.

The Basics of Character Development.

This was a fun one to work on. Also, I do know there’s more to be included.

As a sidenote, all these course I am working on will get regular updates, with more modules and lessons and downloadable resources being added on a monthly basis.

The Basics of Email Marketing guides you step-by-step on building an email list, attracting subscribers, and automating a big part of your efforts.

The current tally is 10 courses and frameworks, 108 lessons.

If you want one year of access to the platform, our private community, and the courses, for only $9, you can grab a spot here.

Upcoming courses (to be released by the end of the month)

  • Publishing Channels
  • The Ideal Reader
  • The Basics of Blogging for Indie Writers
  • The Basics of the 3-Act Story Structure

What happens once we finish with all the basics courses?

We go into advanced strategies and frameworks. Interesting stuff.

Like I said, the goal is to have 1,000 lessons by the end of the year. We’re 10% there already.

If you’re a self-publisher, I highly recommend spending $9 on what will soon become the largest educational hub for indie writers.

Click here to join today.

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