Sponsors for 2022

Those of you who follow this blog for some time probably know that I was born on Christmas Day.

Because of this, I’ve always felt that December was my month; that one month when I was far luckier than usual, when I’d make the most money, feel the most inspired, and genuinely do my best.

That’s why this year I’m offering a win-win situation to you:

Become a sponsor of this blog for 2022.

The deal is simple:

You can donate any amount you see fit (starting from $1), and you get your name (and the link to your blog) listed on a special page for sponsors.

This page will be linked to and mentioned all throughout 2022.

That being said, while you can get mentioned (and linked to) for any contribution you make, there are some special benefits to those who choose to be a bit more generous:

For instance, a+15$ donation will also mean that you’re able to include a short description of your blog alongside your name and the link to your blog.

A +25$ contribution and you will be able to include an image/logo to better describe your blog.

A +50$ donation and you get prime placement, and the ability to “sponsor” one of my articles (you will be mentioned and linked to at the end of one of my articles).

And (some of you may still remember the times when I used to sell “reblogs.”) a +100$ sponsorship and you will be able to have an article reblogged on my blog. You decide which article and when.

Also, there’s a $200 level, in which I will personally interview you for a special Sponsor Spotlight series.

What are you going to do with all this money?

As an independent creator, I rely on my audience for income.

There are no ads on the blog (I purposefully disabled them), and there are only few affiliate links (to products/services that I use myself).

That’s why your support not only helps me keep the blog alive, but also enables me to invest more time, energy, and money in other projects and ventures (and helps me stay well-fed, which is something I’m quite passionate about.)

That being said, you can grab your sponsor spot here.

I will get in touch with you ASAP, and begin adding your name to our page of sponsors for 2022.

And if you’re already a sponsor (and have sponsored the blog last year), you can just contribute the same amount you did last year, and you get to keep your name on the list.



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