99 Quick Tips on Writing, Productivity, and Building a Platform

While I prefer to write in-depth essays, with a bit of storytelling to set the mood and at least one visual framework, I do have to agree that sometimes a few dozen (or more) quick tips are more than enough to give one the push they need to punch the damn keys.

Or, better yet, offer them the final push they need to understand at an emotional level some important aspect.

That’s why today I’m sharing with you a list of 99 quick tips that will surely help you become at least more productive creative entrepreneurs.

On Writing

1. The stories you write will never be “done.” Publishing them means abandoning them. Let go and publish your stories.

2. Eliminate 20% of the words you wrote to make your draft 100% better.

3. The most valuable thing you can learn from successful writers isn’t how they write, it’s how often they write.

4. Great writing is 99% rewriting.

5. Writing that resonates with an audience isn’t about what’s in the writer’s head — it’s translating into words what’s in the reader’s heart.

6. There’s no such thing as an “aspiring” writer — if you write, you’re a writer and if you don’t, you’re not.

7. You don’t need ideas to write, you need to write to find ideas.

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  1. Super awesome tips, thanks for sharing! ❤️

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