The Basics of Writing a Blog Post

70 million, 3 and a half hours, and 37 seconds.

Keep in mind these numbers as you go through this guide, and think of these numbers before you sit down to write your next article.

What do they mean?

70 million. That’s how many articles are being published every single month by hosted blogs alone.

3 and a half hours. That’s how long it takes the average blogger to write, edit, format, add images, and publish an article.

37 seconds. That’s how much time the average reader spends going through an article.

I know what you’re thinking—only 37 seconds?! That’s heartbreaking, especially with the average blog post length weighing in at 1,151 words.

There’s a race to the top in providing genuinely helpful, well-researched, transformational content for readers today.

That’s why learning how to write a blog post that stands out from the crowd in providing immense reader value is essential.

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