Cristian Mihai (born 25 December 1990) grew up in Constanta, Romania. And he’s still growing up, or at least trying to. Sometimes he writes. Sometimes he gets lucky and writes something good.  He can’t, however, draw a straight line. No matter how much he tries. Not even with a ruler. And, please, don’t ever ask him to sing.


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  1. well, i must sincerely admit i wasn't expecting to stumble across your blog just like that but i assume it's only natural of you to have one considering your activity on wattpad and this sort of sites. i'm pretty glad this coincidence, let us name it, happened, though. :) post-urile tale sunt exact in genul in care ma puteam astepta sa fie, ceea ce nu e decat un plus, fiindca au o nuanta foarte personala si sincera

  2. What a great favourite painting! I would have been disappointed to find it was a mediocre one when I really enjoyed your blog so much. Pens and brushes, we share great tools. Cheers Sue.

  3. Writing is fun; drawing stick figures about the best I can do; but I do love to sing!

    My husband and I had a chance to visit Romania (Transylvania) in 1999 and loved the people. We had fun singing familiar songs, each in our own language. Sometimes alternating verses or entire songs, and at least once, simultaneously!

  4. It's my wife (plus her three sisters and her daughter) who have all the artistic talent. I am just grateful that the muse of poetry uses me as a channel now and again.

    • 20-year-old student from Germany … nu ma asteptam la un comment in romana. Mult succes cu scrisul, desi trebuie sa recunosc ca paranormalul ma eludeaza maxim ca scriitor, desi o buna prietena de-a mea scrie aproape exclusiv astfel de carti

      • M-am mutat recent in Germania pentru studii, dar m-am nascut si am crescut in Timisoara. :)
        Paranormalul este singurul gen care il pot scrie, deoarece permite practic orice. Problema este ca sunt atatea laturi care pot fi explorate ca ajung intr-un final indecisa ce sa scriu. Am la activ 4-5 romane incepute. Experimentez cu fiecare idee ce imi trece prin cap, dar ma si plictisesc repede.

  5. I doubt you can't draw. Who said it needs to be straight, anyway? Keep up the great work! Thanks for visiting my blog! I do the opposite: when I can't explain it, I paint. ;-))

  6. Haha.. That line drawing complex almost had me soil myself laughing in the stockholm subway at rush hour. I owe you one it seems. You appear to be a great, witty writer, keep it up!

  7. Another Christmas baby! I was born the 24th! I'm excited to read more of your blog, this is all info that I need and have been too lazy/busy to research lately!

  8. I love the comment about how you are still growing up…shouldn't we all still be growing up. If we are all "grown-up" what fun would that be? :)

    Short and sweet "about."

  9. Jazz: A (sort of) Foreword by Cristian Mihai. If you haven't read it, I urge you to do so. Good stuff man. Thanks! Thanks as well for visiting the blog of an indoor hobo. The straight line can only do so much, as it's destination is already set. If you ever "grow up", I will likely stop reading. It seems you have found your calling here, and hope I can do the same somewhere down the road… Great writing. Best wishes.

  10. Dude!

    I'm new to your blog, but I honestly think you deserve this award nomination! Congrats and keep doing what you do best-sharing your knowledge and your talent [you ARE talented, you know!]


  11. Christian your writing is amiable humility as a disembodied idea. You words are bubbles blown into the space of innocence. The persona I hear is as simple and as pofound as a child's mind, a mind whose eyes can see the bubbles for what they are; resplendant, shining spheres of joy and magic. The child says "look!" and for a moment those of us who have grown so used to our eyes, adults with jaded eyes, can be here now and see the world as wonderful. You can still see magic and that is a profound ability.

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  13. Well, Christian, I started a new little blog where I planned to drop my fuzzy and often crudely edited photos. Just a place to "keep" them where I could go back from time to time and look at them again without having to search my hard drive. Then, I kept noticing this interesting and intense little boy's face show up on the blog's "like" list. It is you. I don't quite know what to say here. I read a few of your posts about writing. They aren't really about writing. They are about finding who we are as humans and, only secondarily, communicating that information about the human condition to others. I am seventy years old. I don't believe I have read before in my life such an analysis of the introspective process written with such clarity that the reading of it seems to rise off the page in absolutely unfettered prose. I am astounded that this level of understanding could come from a boy of your age. It's incredible. I will read on, child. You make me happy. :-)

  14. Absolutely love your blog. I'm excited when someone loves and appreciates books and writing as much as I do. You really make me feel like someday my goal of publishing a book will happen. Keep posting! This stuff is golden Cristian!

  15. Hi Christain…don't worry about being able to draw a straight line. Just draw curving lines. They are just as good as straight lines but just not as straight. Singing is learned. I don't think anyone will ask you to sing but some day you might want to try. Practice is key and, of course, you really really need to fill your lungs all the way, let out the air, and be the note! Well, if you think about it, and listen to any modern music most band members can't sing either, You are not alone.

  16. i commented somewhere (lost now) that I downloaded your free short stories via Smashwords. They were all excellent but I enjoyed Memento Mori particularly. I've now invested a whole $0.99 x 2 on A Sad, Sad Symphony & Remember. E-Books make writers so accessible – thanks.

  17. Buna ziua! Jazz is still king in my book. Improve has a heart, live has a pulse. Exploration is life. But, I believe, there are some things too large to seek and explore in this life. Unlocking the next life is the key, and that one is supplied to us. For everything else, search on and enjoy what you find.

  18. Greetings Christian

    Long Time Fan,

    First Time Caller,

    If I could have your autograph, it would be an honor.

    I am a self-centered, greedy, person, and want to sell it on E bay.

    p.s. I promise you, I am totally heterosexual,

    But if you could sign a pair of old underwear,and send them to me,

    I would be greatly honored to have them also.

    The last minute bidding frenzy, masses of crazed, mouse-clicking, women (and small number of men,) promise to take your Fruit of the Loom's and get me that diamond tipped cane I have always wanted.


    Bryan Edmondson

  19. Love the blog. I could not draw a straight line with a ruler either until an old retired art teacher told me to use the opposite hand. I am right handed, so I switched to the left. He said the myth was, if you can draw a straight line with a ruler using one hand that is the hand you were born to use. And I know that. Was left handed until I went into the First Grade at elementary school and the teacher didn't know how to teach a left handed student, so she made me write right handed.

  20. Don't fret too much about the growing up Chistian. I'm 56 and still feel like a bewildered six-year-old most of the time, and the world seems to make steadily less sense rather than more.

  21. I read about how straight lines challenge you and how you "did my best to pour greatness into every sentence I wrote". i am same. No, I am not referring to my post that you were good enough to like. Many things you have written about sync with my thoughts and feelings. Maybe writers draw from a common consciousness? I have been on your blog for a while now and I plan to return often. There is so much to love, admire and learn. Good going, Cristian!

  22. Between you and I, I can't draw a straight line either….and sometime I write something good…but that's far few in between. LOL

    I love your intro. Sweet, short, and straight to the point.

  23. Your blog is a wonderful place to come and take in all it has to offer. I wanted to show my appreciation by nominating you for the Reader Appreciation Award. And, we're all still growing up, some of us just don't know it :).

  24. I love your blog…we pretty much the same, except you are a better writer…lol. I love that you hunt and share your information on publishing. It's helps others, and I try to do the same as to help others reach their dreams. I follow you today because you are AWESOME.

  25. What do you say when you get *yet another* nomination for an award? (Apart from thank heavens that virtual mantlepieces don't need dusting). I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog (again) because – well – you're doing great stuff. Of course you know The Rules – but if you need to refresh, they're on http://carolynlane.wordpress.com

    Thank you for the pleasure your writing gives me – and the wonderfully apt illustrations

  26. Cristian, I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award. I’d explain why, but that would be unnecessary because I think a lot of people will agree when I say your posts are awesomely inspirational and filled with knowledge that can quench one’s thirst for information. Follow this link to acquire your award at your convenience. http://wp.me/p2tQ7q-37

  27. Christian Keep Up the Good Work :) :) :) I Have Faith in you Sla`xt My Friend. I had Traveled Down a Long Har Road, it was Quite the Journey, that Drove this Lil Indan Girl Nuts. I Know you can do this…Just Believe Within Yourself as I had :) You'll get your " Dream "…

    ~ UsidiAwiagina ~

  28. Plan to visit your blog more starting in the near future. I want to encourage you to keep writing because you do an excellent job. I especially enjoy your book reviews and like the fact that even though the reviewed book may not be something I normally would read, your review makes me want to check it out. Keep up the good words!

  29. I've only read two posts and I am in tears. (the inspirational kind)

    Gratitude for putting the thoughts in my universe to words on a screen and now that little lump of "ugh" has transformed into "ahha!". Them's the best! Have a brilliant day!! x

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  31. This is Paul.


    I got an MIT degree — in writing, if you can believe it — back in 1978. What did I do after I got the degree? I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. I filled an entire book case with writing notebooks. I probably averaged about one thousand words a day, so I got to a point where I was holding on to ten million words of prose, more or less. Then, just about three months ago, I threw it all away.


    By throwing out all those notebooks, I threw out that constipating little voice in my head that kept saying, "Is this good enough? Is this really and truly good enough?"

    Is there a point to all this? Maybe not, except to give you a tip of the hat for being sane in an endeavor where I was stark, raving mad!!!!

    A writer writes because he NEEDS to write; but there's no guarantee that anyone will need to read what he needs to write!


  32. Christian I liked your Jazz Excerpt. I was surprised, you write older than your age. It could be sit back 40 years. But not just time wise, you write like an older person. What I like about your writing is what I like about all good writers, it puts me in a different place and time, and keeps me there. Thanks.

  33. I never thought that being able to draw a straight line was necessary for writing – having a basic knowledge of grammar such as knowing the difference between it's and its is pretty useful though! Great blog.

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  35. Hi Christian,

    I love your intro and your writing. Amazing.

    I write because I have always loved words. I love to string words together to create a work of art that will express my innermost emotions and because if I don't, I fee I will truly explode. I write because I love to read words, hear words and feel words in each and every genre. They breathe into my soul. To me, writing is everything. It feeds my soul. It frees me soul. It gives me an avenue to share what I cannot share otherwise from deep within myself. There is so much more to say about why I do it, but, in short, these are reasons that I write.

    Please keep up the excellent work. You are a kindred spirit. I feel it.


    PS I can't sing either…:).

  36. I just read your momento of Mori I find it fascinating, and I thank you for that! It is a good way to view death or come to terms with. But I Find it sad for the souls as well. Get back up and don't give up on these little ambitions of yours. They all amount. Thank you again. Carlie.

  37. Hey. Mi-a facut foarte mare placere sa-ti citesc blogul, si m-a incantat ca sunt si alti romani care scriu aproape exclusiv in engleza. Asta imi confirma teoria.:) Keep up the good work.

  38. I´m actually quite proud of being able to draw a straight line, and even write straight without lines on a page. It´s all in the wrist ;) Like your blog, will be back in the future!

  39. I like your Blog very much, It is not a new story if I tell you that your blog it is "The Best"

    I like everything in it, the design, the color the pictures and of course the way you write.

    And you have a very special sense of humor Huh! :-)

    Felicidades! Im from Mexico living in Cancun…So as you can see you are all over the world wooow!

  40. wow….i loved the part that u cant draw a straight line with a scale…because believe it or not…this is the same with me too..!!!

  41. You are really something. I'm very excited for yo and can't wait to see your finished product and what I might be able to share and contribute. What a thrilling time for you, Happy Holidays. I know you'll have a wondeful new year

  42. A Christmas birthday…don't you get tired of peple saying, "Gee, you must wish your birthday to be some other day." I was born on Christmas Eve. I have no idea what it's like to have a birthday any other day of the year, so no, I don't wish my birthday away. In fact, much of the world celebrates with me…and you. They light up trees and decorate. They give gifts… or have other traditions.

    As for singing…my husband hands me a hymnal in church, then turns his back to me. I can't sing a lick.


    Linda Joyce

  43. Thanks! I enjoy writing and the blog obviously provides that opportunity. Since I'm also a tutor, I particularly like to write about educational issues. I hope I can cut through some of the crap and just provide down-to-earth information.

  44. Someone once told me only a madman can draw a perfect circle free hand; how that relates to straight lines, or singing, or writing I'll never know but I thought I'd mention it nonetheless.

    Great blog though!

  45. I like your sense of humor… and can join you in both the lack of straight line ability and lack of tonality! neither of which stops me from doing.. Hey, thank you for stoppy by just fuffy… I want one day to be a good writer also.. looks like you have gotten an earlier start!

  46. Christian, you are an amazing young man with a lot of potential. Keep writing because you have a lot to say and say it from your heart! Thank you for reading my blog. Good luck with your writing. I will be following you.

  47. Cristian. Thank you for liking my blog post 'Dance with life'. Your blog looks very interesting, I will enjoy reading your work. I agree with you that you have to make your dreams come true …never give up on your dreams.

  48. Cristian, thanks so much for cruising my blog and liking my post, "The Bully." I very much appreciate it, and I'm flattered too! I am enjoying following your blog, and I am reading your work and enjoying it too.

  49. Thanks for visiting my blog. I especially like this paragraph from your Never Give up Your Dream blog. "Writing is all about finding the courage to write. And courage is all about realizing that some things are more important than fear." Thanks for that thought.

  50. I continue to enjoy your work and have named you to receive the “Very Inspiring Blog” award. Check my site for details in about an hour. – AB at Mild Musings of a Mediocre Man

  51. I look forward to perusing through your page. You are "ahead" of me with my book publishing of one, however there is no race or competition — I can appreciate your drive to create, live, and share.

  52. Most things with a straight edge are painful. Who wants to draw a straight line, e? But for singing, I think that is pleasurable, go for it! Start when there's a storm outside. Thanks for liking Ronex.

  53. My child I would never ask you to sing or draw a straight line. Even I am not good at drawing a line straight. But you can jump and play with me. Your like on my post made me happy. Visit the blog as often as you can.

  54. Cristian, thank you very much for viewing and like-ing my illustration. I was looking through your literature pieces, and was very captivated by the story line of your, A sad, sad, symphony.

    I could relate to many aspects of the hunger to make greater meaning of what it is that I am trying to leave in this world or convey to the people through my arts, and though I have not read a single book in many years, I would love to read your book.

    Sincerely Yours-

  55. Hi Cristian! :) So neat to connect with you in this way after finding that you read my latest post, "The Impossible Ends When Faith Begins!" You would never guess from my name, but my parents moved from Romania to the States in 1980… I was born here shortly after and raised in the Romanian Pentecostal community.

    You made an interesting observation here regarding Romania's current state – that much has changed over the course of the last ten years. I haven't been back since 2004 and I am curious to know in what ways it has changed. So, if you wouldn't mind, enlighten me. :)

    Thanks again for dropping by my little corner.

  56. Cristian Halo!

    I have a friend from Romania, named Valenta. Her only purpose at this point,

    as she sees it – is bringing to wider knowledge the plight of the separated Romanians behind the still existing Iron Curtain – from the invasion of Bessarabia in 1941. They live behind mine fields, forgotten, herding sheep, high in the Pamir mountains, beyond anyone's notice, or at this point, seeming care.

    We are all included, longing ghosts and all. Writing tells our story.

  57. The word "prolific" seems to fall well short of describing your output, as far as completed books go. However, it becomes an even more amazing feat, by my reckoning, if I have indeed added up your age properly from the date of birth you have given. Well done!

  58. You liked some of my pieces so since i've been blogging, i find it an obligation off the record to thank him/her for liking it. Had to scroll so very much on your public profile that i am inquisitive of what you have here. nonetheless, thank you :)

  59. Nice About page, amusing, short 'n sweet! I look forward to reading your work (browsed a bit, and I'm intrigued!), and thank you kindly for visiting my blog too :)

  60. Thanks for stopping by and liking Mid-Life OE. Although you are less than half my age we share something in common – I can't sing either!

  61. Thank you for visiting my blog "Chasing the Speed of Light". Your works are awesome. Please remain to be who you are and what you are. I am looking forward to seeing more of your works.

  62. Thanks for Liking my poem post…..keep exploring and sharing, and expressing yourself with living words that aspire to touch the depths of humanity to the best of your ability…..and best wishes along your Journey.

  63. Hi Cristian!

    Thank you for stopping by Mystic Vision and liking "Early to rise". I am impressed with your writing and with your youth, You are wise beyond your years and a pleasure to read.

    Best of luck and keep on inspiring!



  64. I don’t know if I want to learn to draw a straight line…maybe I do but I’ll add color to it and smear the edges to make it my own ;) Thank you for the follow…I am grateful and I love your posts…see you around the blog!

  65. You would not let us post on ‘TO ALL THE TEACHERS’ so I’m posting here.
    Sounds like you got a rough time from a bunch of teachers.
    You have stumbled onto something that most people do not know and do not want to understand….. Teachers don’t teach………. students learn.

    You are in a very small club of people who have worked this out.
    Well done.

  66. I learned of your favorite painting as “Wanderer Above the Mist” and it to was one of my favorites as there is something about the sea and the possibilities that lie just beyond. Very nice blog.

  67. Awesome… I think you’re genis-ly giving the official license to others to be their unadulterated selves by sheer example of your transparency. Way to change the world, bud! And yourself…. ;)

  68. Buna Cristian, cum am mai precizat, imi place cum scrii :) Multumesc pentru follow, nu prea sunt familiara cu socializarea in lumea blogerilor, dar imi dau silinta. O sambata frumoasa!

  69. A writer and obviously a man of witty disposition, surely you know that you can’t be amazing at everything. :) Still, it would be fun to hear you sing while trying to draw a straight line.

  70. Reading your blog has inspired me to continue writing, so I’ve nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award!
    The rules for receiving this award are:
    1. Display the award logo on your blog.
    2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
    3. State 7 things about yourself.
    4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
    5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

  71. So great to know that I am not the only young writer out there – my birthday is the 6th Dec 1990, so am marginally your senior, but still refreshing to know that there are others my age doing the same thing ! Great blog x

  72. Cristian, do you still living in Romania? A friend of mine here in Gettysburg asked me. Told me she reads and speaks Romanian, which I never knew about her. She thought it would be fun to know you if you lived nearby. I contend it would still be fun for her to know you regardless of where in the world you are. Now that I think about it, I have another friend, also from Romania (you would like her – she used to be a model) and she is living near here. Are all Romanians good looking???

  73. Thank you for following. M-a surprins sa vad ca esti si tu roman, de varsta mea, din Cta. Scrii foarte frumos…am sa revin sa citesc mai mult!

    Best wishes to you and your future book.

  74. Absolutely love your blog. I’m looking forward to perusing through your many posts, and am looking forward to reading your stories. Amazon here I come. Your blog is an inspiration for aspiring writers like me.

    Thank you so very much for following my blog. I’m looking forward to releasing my first novel on amazon too in the coming few weeks… fingers crossed.

    Much luck with your ventures. I shall be visiting. :)

  75. As a fellow writer, I am really enjoying going through your posts! Don’t worry about the straight line issue. My late friend, the incredible artist Beatrice Wood was loved for her works throughout the world; her ceramics were always free of perfect lines. And her well-known drawings? Charming, rather naughty stick figures…so endearing. :)

  76. Oh my God! Awesome!!

    Cristian, just so you can know why I am saying OMG! Since I was a kid, I have been saying the same line “I can’t draw a straight line! Even with a ruler!!”haha…. I was so happy when I read your about me.. Looking forward to exploring your blog more… :)

  77. I loved “Memento Mori!” What a wonderful short story and fresh perspective. Thanks for the follow too. I’ll be back to read more! Have an awesome weekend.

  78. If you desire to write a straight line, never stare at the pencil, or force it across the page, but rather focus on the point where you want the line to end and the pencil will find it’s way there.

  79. Hi , You are doing a great job. I liked your blog very much . It is my dream to write stories and books but for some reasons I have not been able to write any . My best wishes are with you .Keep up the good work :)

  80. Nice meeting you. I stumbled across this blog because of JPF Goodman. I am also a Romanian blogger. If you did get his comment it is nice,if you didn’t check your spam folder. Anyway,I will be vising again,to see more about this blog. Good luck with you indiegogo!

  81. Haha! We’re same.. I can’t draw a straight line even if I have my ruler! XD
    .. I can only create straight lines in microsoft word (if you know what I mean XD) .. I really love your blog because every post you’re creating is very inspiring.. Your posts inspire me a lot! Kepp writing and inspire people like me.. Thank you very much! Thank you for everything.. =))

  82. It’s easy to draw a straight line. Here is the secret: look where you’re going not where you have been.

    That’s it. Just look where you’re going not where you have been.

    The line may not always be perfectly straight, but here’s another secret. No line drawn by man or machine, using my technique, using a ruler or “T” square, or drawn inside a computer is ever a “line”, let alone a straight line.

    Do you know why?

    It is because any line drawn anywhere including a computer screen has a width w > 0 but a REAL line’s width is exactly equal to … zero. In other words, a real line is invisible.

    If a geometry teacher draws a triangle on the board and asks what is its area, remain silent until he tells you whether he is referring to the triangle on the outside or inside of the drawn lines.

    It gets worse inside a computer without line-drawing hardware, for on such a computer the lines are “pixelated” and calculating their non-zero area is quite difficult…but their area is non-zero and there are an infinite number of ideal triangles between the outside and inside of the drawn triangle.

    So. young fellow, here’s to you and confusion to anyone who talks about “straight lines”.

  83. Ah yes, the straight line elude’s me too. Not only can I not use a ruler but I can’t even get the already straight line to stay straight on the computer. And by the way thanks for the follow.

  84. I think that “growing up” has to be one of those weird myths in life. I don’t think I’ll ever quite grow up either. Don’t worry about the straight lines; lines that aren’t straight have so much more character! Life isn’t about achieving some pinnacle of perfection. Life is more about making awesome art with all of the broken pieces. Keep your dreams alive :)

  85. Dear Cristian
    When I celebrate Christmas, I would think of you.
    Everyone is born with a purpose,
    sometimes we take a lifetime to discover it before we can pursue it,
    but You are born to be a writer!

  86. I was born a few days before Christmas, so my birthday is often completely overshadowed by one more important than me. And you…you were born on Christmas day! Oh my!
    Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas and best wishes for the coming year, Cristian.

  87. that is a sweet intro about yourself buddy…ive seen that you’re blogging for quite sometime..hope you can help me. im a newbie…(errr, one year experience) and been living a busy life….hope i could do well like you. :-) happy holidays…and new year too

  88. There’s something about the way you write that keeps me coming back for more. I recently stumbled on your blog and it appears I have something other than mine to keep me entertained. Keep up with the good work!

  89. Very glad to know about you, a Romanian origin of good people and culture. We have some business clients from Romania. Pretty sure the true to life biography will lead you, and aspiration will show from now on, a known blogger with thousand followers is born. Means interesting scope and write ups. More power to you.

  90. i read about your interview in ‘Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog’, appeared in Daily Post. It nice to check you and follow your blog. I believe i will get something to learn from your blog, and make my blog also a hit. regards

  91. Oh my word– to be so young and so gifted!! Completely enjoying your blogs on writing and blogging– Thank you for following Spark. Twinkle. Shine! May you continue to spread YOUR light with ever increasing joy and peace!!

  92. I love the book cover for Jazz. Ever since I saw it, I’ve been hearing “Smooth Operator” by Greg Adams in my head.

  93. Great site, Cristian. Showing all us newcomers just what can be done with the form. Many thanks for the support over at my place, early days there so all support is much appreciated. All the best – E.P.

  94. ah…then YOU are already a GREAT ARTIST since you cannot draw a straight line! Wonderful to meet you! And thank you for your “follow”…I will now be “following” you! Best to you!

  95. I’ll be looking for how your writing turns out. You’ve got many years ahead of you yet have already clocked up several books!

  96. You have a very interesting looking blog, Cristian, which I’ll look forward to viewing more carefully later. Congratulations on having so many books published already, too. That’s a great achievement at your age. I’ll be following you from now on to see what you come up with next.

  97. Dear Christian,

    You have valuable pieces of writing that are genuinely worth reading. You certainly deserve to keep blogging and decimating your work via other channels. For certain, it must be evident to you that commercial success within a certain time period isn’t the most critical indicator of how important your writing is. Indeed if you have anything at all, that you believe is going to benefit even a single soul out there at some point of time, you might as well give it to them via your blog. I support your endeavors mate! Keep it up.

    And perhaps this blog will be helpful to you as it has helped me: http://writersfizz.com/


  98. Very interesting. Part of my family was from Romania and I visited Bucharest with my grandfather–I think 1990. Right before the wall came down. At the time there were still some horse drawn carriages on the highway riding alongside buses.

  99. I liked your facebook page. Every day you post something inspirational and I always share it. Thank you for spreading inspiration and positivity! I aspire to motivate people the way you do. Thanks! :D

  100. I’ve just read the blurb for Dream City, it was pretty interesting and I thought you might like this poem – I’m also going to put it on my blog.
    By Joe Brainard
    Death is a funny thing. Most people are afraid of it, and yet
    they don’t even know what it is.

    Perhaps we can clear this up.

    What is death?

    Death is it. That’s it. Finished. “Finito.” Over and out. No

    Death is many different things to many different people. I
    think it is safe to say, however, that most people don’t like it.


    Because they are afraid of it.

    Why are they afraid of it?

    Because they don’t understand it.

    I think that the best way to try to understand death is to
    think about it a lot. Try to come to terms with it. Try to really
    understand it. Give it a chance!

    Sometimes it helps if we try to visualize things.

    Try to visualize, for example, someone sneaking up behind
    your back and hitting you over the head with a giant hammer.

    Some people prefer to think of death as a more spiritual
    thing. Where the soul somehow separates itself from the mess
    and goes on living forever somewhere else. Heaven and hell being
    the most traditional choices.

    Death has a very black reputation but, actually, to die is a
    perfectly normal thing to do.

    And it’s so wholesome: being a very important part of
    nature’s big picture. Trees die, don’t they? And flowers?

    I think it’s always nice to know that you are not alone. Even
    in death.

    Let’s think about ants for a minute. Millions of ants die
    every day, and do we care? No. And I’m sure that ants feel the
    same way about us.

    But suppose—just suppose—that we didn’t have to die.
    That wouldn’t be so great either. If a 90-year-old man can hardly
    stand up, can you imagine what it would be like to be 500 years

    Another comforting thought about death is that 80 years or
    so after you die nobody who knew you will still be alive to miss

    And after you’re dead, you won’t even know it.

  101. Wow, what a great “About” page! I can’t draw a straight line either, and according to my husband, I can’t walk one either! (he says I’m always bumping into him, ha!). Looking forward to viewing your blog! :-)

  102. Hey Cristian! Ma bucur ca te-am gasit!
    I’m happy to find a fellow writer from Romania. I hope you’re well, I’m looking forward to read your work. Your bio and a lot of your blurb texts resonate fully with me.

  103. Cristian, I am with you! I could not draw a straight line to save my life- thankfully this situation has never come up or I would be dead right now. Actually I do not think that any real humans can draw straight lines. If someone can draw a straight line they are probably from another planet.

  104. I have to say, you were really adorable as a kid. =)
    That is….if your profile photo is a schooldays photo of you….

    …if not, what I just said was really awkward, so kindly ignore and move on with your daily life.

  105. Whoa. WHOA. I’m to much of an amateur writer to be here. But, for some reason… I must click the subscribe button… *Looks around* I guess I will stay then. *Reads everything*

  106. Thank you for visiting my recently launched blog. I’m glad you liked the wildflower chase. I’ve enjoyed exploring your blog and will return. Wishing you continuing joy in the challenge of writing.

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