Success and fear and stuff

fearMost people like to believe talent, hard work, and luck are among the determining factors of success. For a long time I thought you only need two of them.

But, actually, if you want to be successful, and it doesn’t matter if all you want is to become a great dancer or actor or writer, or whether you want to pick up pretty girls in bars, you just have to be willing to make a fool out of yourself. Continue reading


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The Manuxet Sentinel

Wallace Fawcett, owner of Bean Counters going on ten years now, thinks that the townsfolk need to drink more coffee.

“It’s about bitterness,” he says gruffly as he rushes about the coffee shop, handling crisis after crisis.

“Retail is just a matter of catering to the loudest complainer,” he adds before attacking the espresso machine. Whatever he does remains opaque to me, but it seems to work. He serves coffee to his customers.

“Are you bitter? This isn’t the life you imagined for yourself.”

When he was a kid, Wally wanted to work for NASA. He loved tinkering and design; everyone knew engineering was in his future. He spent as much time focusing on math club as he did on woodshop. No matter what his parents wanted (lawyer, stockbroker, executive…), Wally had only one path.

“People who are bitter need more of it,” he explains, taking a small pastry from…

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What is life all about

“One day your life will flash before your eyes, Make sure it is worth watching. “ – Gerard Way
First of all, I’d like to tell you that there’s no good or bad in this world. It’s just people. And what they do. And what they say. And what they write. And what they choose not to do or say or write.

It’s that simple and that complicated.

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Treena Meyers

Recently, I have been challenged on they way in which I relate to and understand people and situations. For those of you reading this blog that know me well, you might say I have a “very high EQ and manage relationships well.” Those of you who know me but haven’t lived life with me may believe I am guarded and standoffish, borderline rude. And to those who only knew me in certain roles I’ve held over the years may believe that I am, as some people have called me, “the black widow, the grim reaper, the angel of death, the velvet hammer or lymph node (meaning that I clean out the toxins in organizations).” Sadly that is not all I’ve been called but those get the point across.

To the ladder, I say, I am sorry you experienced me that way and have those impressions of me and my heart…

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