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Cristian here.

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Introspective Neo-Noir (Blind Turn)


Someone once asked me if Blind Turn embodied the real Los Angeles. I don’t know if there are real cities in the definitive sense—just millions of perspectives, overlapping and diverging. Blind Turn explores some of those perspectives.

Blind Turn Book Cover: City Skyline & Silhouette of Girl

Of course the first question asked of any novel is: What’s the story about? Blind Turn combines four stories, so I usually opt for a thematic answer: Image and images. Sometimes I elaborate, bringing into play perception, desire, and illusion. Am I guilty of evading the question and literally losing the plot? But plot alone cannot vouch for literature, nor can it equal the human condition. What’s the plot of a person’s life, for example? Is that them? There’s more to it than narrative.

In an age where most people desire to quickly comprehend the written word and move on, another question frequently arises: What’s the genre? Here I defer to literary fiction…

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Do you want 5,000 new readers within 6 months?

I get to talk with a lot of bloggers. Through the Art of Blogging, through one-on-one work.

And, of course, I always get asked about ways to grow an audience.

You know, the best strategy, a framework, or some tips and tricks.

Well, that’s why I have created this course:

Over a 100 different lessons, tutorials, downloads, canvases, charts, graphs…

We’re talking about the best ways to develop a deliberate and intentional strategy for growing your blog.

We’re talking about email marketing, social media marketing, about building relationships with other bloggers and leveraging those relationships.

We’re talking about building a brand that attracts your readers.

A ton of cool stuff. Truly. I am proud of the work I’ve done, and it’s the best investment (priced extremely low at only $59.99 for this week) if you’re serious about growing your blog’s audience.

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My Entire Family Got Covid 19

The reason for a lack of new content on the blog lately has been… the coronavirus, since it finally caught up to us and managed to infect us all.

Well, we’ve got all sorts of theories as to who was “patient zero” in our family, but it does not matter that much.

As for me, I am fine.

In case you’re curious about the symptoms and whatnot, they initially resembled a common cold. Sore throat, a bit of fever, chills, headaches.

On Monday I’ve lost my sense of smell, and it’s by far the most aggravating issue. Food has absolutely no taste, and I don’t know what I am eating.

Other than that, the only other symptom is the fact that my nose feels irritated (or inflamed).

My mother, on the other hand, felt a bit worse. So was my girlfriend, who first experienced symptoms last Thursday, five or so days before losing her sense of smell.

For the better part of this week I’ve felt quite tired, and I’ve struggled to focus on tasks, but it didn’t feel worse than how I usually feel when going through a cold.

Right now, as some 10 days have passed since we’ve first experienced symptoms, we’re slowly getting back to normal. Our metabolisms are recovering, and we’ve regained a bit of our former energy levels and appetite and all that.

Once again, I’d like to thank all the sponsors of the blog, and if you’d like to support me, you can donate any amount you see fit via PayPal here.

Giving Away a MacBook Pro


Cristian here.

If you somehow missed it, I’m hosting a giveaway.

There are multiple ways to enter.

It’s international. If you live somewhere on planet Earth, I reckon I can send the prize to you.

If you want to take part in the giveaway, click here.

Thank you so much for your continued support!