The Writer

Jonathan Fisher is used to being no one in particular. He is such a ghostly character that CCTV cameras won’t record him. The world doesn’t need him and most certainly doesn’t want him.

What he doesn’t know is that his life is on the brink of transformation.When his father dies, he realizes one thing. Being invisible isn’t such a great option.

Date published: 23rd of September 2012

Genre: Literary Fiction, Magical Realism

Excerpt: Read here

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31 thoughts on “The Writer

  1. Thank you. After I'll finish work on my current project, Jazz, I'll get working on The Writer once more, and I'll try my best to upload the first two-three-four-five chapters here. Maybe I'll even come up with a release date.


  2. Hi. Thanks for the visit and like over at my blog.

    The description for this book is amazing. Your protagonist sounds very endearing, and the situation is something I can relate to. This blurb really makes me excited to read on and the book sounds very interesting. Good luck with this, I'll be keeping an eye on it!


  3. Your writing is inspiring…it excites my own gift of writing to grow and improve. There is also a feel to your writing that makes me want find a quiet corner and get lost in your words. Looking forward to reading your books.


  4. After reading your post today with an excerpt of Jonathan's voice I knew I HAD to find out where to read more of him. Now I'm taking a moment to circle the calendar and write this release date on it! Where can I find this book?? I want to pre-order.


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  6. Looking forward to reading your book “The Portrait of a Writer” Your words have a way of cutting through all the jargon and getting to the heart of the matter. Truly inspiring!


  7. Funny. I’ve been working on a dark tragic fantasy, also called “The Writer,” for a few months now, and just stumbled on this today. I typically have to sift through a lot of indie books to find something I like, but as soon as I started reading your sample, I knew I’d found another book worth reading. It’s on my Kindle now.

    I can’t comment on the plot yet, since I haven’t read it. But I can already tell from the sample that you definitely know how to write.


    • I just finished reading. You are a gifted writer. I’m honestly a little frightened by how similar our two stories are (very different in some ways, but the theme, and the fatalistic ending, though not the same, are very close; even a gun and the police are involved.) I suppose it’s a common enough type of story, though. My own idea was influenced a lot by the movies “Stranger Than Fiction” and “The Neverending Story.” I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that stories are a reflection of reality.

      Anyway, just wanted to stop by and tell you that I loved your book (and also, I suppose, to let you know about my own story, just so that, on the off chance that you ever actually encounter it in the wild, you won’t think I was trying to rip you off :-P)


  8. I just bought a Kindle copy of your book “The Writer.” I expect to be amazed and entertained and maybe learn something new. Please accept my best regards and respect, even before I read the book.


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