How the Art You Consume Determines the Quality of Your Work

In 2009, during an interview, radio host Ira Glass shared rare insights into what it means to be creative; he managed to pull into focus the kind of insights that are just at the edge of our mind’s peripheral vision.

What drives us to create in the first place is not a desire to play god, but rather our hunger for art.

The Basics of Designing a Book

Hey guys,

I just published a massive tutorial on designing a book (as a self-publisher) on irevuo.

It’s 10K words of advice on book design, interior formatting, best practices, advice on how to work with a designer, how to find a designer, and so much more.

Do check it out here.

Also, if you aren’t a member yet, you can grab lifetime access for a one-time fee here.

Stay tuned! A lot more will come soon.