Your Mission Is Possible!

Victory Walk

As unbelievable as it seems, seems 2019 is a memory. The year has come and gone and we are in a new year. People make resolutions and lots of plans to see positive results in their lives. Some plans go under the heading, “Mission: Impossible!” Others could be attainable with discipline and hard work.

When you start a new task, your efforts will disturb some. They have no plans and are wondering aimlessly. But as soon as they see you at work, they have a problem. Why do they have a problem? It’s your life and your project but they want to influence what you do.

This is the same problem we find in Ezra chapter 4. The people were exiles yet they decided to build a temple for the Lord. When the other groups saw them at work, they wanted to participate. So they approached this group of exiles…

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F*ck Average

“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.”– William Feather

If you found yourself in the middle of nowhere and you were starving, would you look for food for a couple hours and then give up? If your life depended on doing something, would you do it? No matter how much it hurt, how badly you wanted to rest, how bitter and disillusioned you were?

Well, your life does depend on what you do each and every single day. The quality of your life depends on what you do on a daily basis. What you do today translates into the way you’ll live life tomorrow. Continue reading

You Can Help

Inmate Blogger

You Can Help!

Dear Readers,

Inmate Blogger is a collection of blogs written by incarcerated men and women. For the past 5+ years I have been managing and posting blogs for 900 inmates to help give them a voice.

I know that this is a different type of blog that society may automatically judge as unworthy or have a lot of conflicting thoughts about. But blogging is so meaningful and therapeutic for the many inmates who are seeking rehabilitation and growth. It gives them an outlet to share their feelings, their thoughts, and their stories.

A lot of these inmates will get out of prison one day. They might be our neighbors, or they might be the person standing behind us in line at the grocery store. Offering them can serve different purposes, here are a few:

  • it helps inmates open up through the power of writing
  • it gives family & friends…

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This is What Karma Truly is All About

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

― C.G. Jung

Here’s a fun experiment for you to try: write down every single thing you do during an average day. In half hour increments. But be honest with yourself. Can’t write down: “from 9 AM to 5 PM – work.”

Be brutally honest.

You’re at work, but are you working or just aimlessly wandering the web?

How much time do you spend watching TV? On Social Media? Talking on the phone?

How much time do you spend every day reading? Learning a new skill? Working on your dreams? Developing yourself?

Be honest. Continue reading

Remodel Your House Prophetic Word Video

Message In Stanza

Hello, this a video on my YouTube channel, Carly’s Niche. Here is a prophetic word I sense for this season of people’s lives. 1 Corinthians 6:19 says, “Do you know your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit?” (NIV). And I sense the Father is saying that it’s time to remodel our spiritual houses! Get rid of the clutter of our lives with the Holy Spirit’s help! :) I hope this encourages you.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to subscribe to Carly’s Niche for more videos! I also have videos of me reading some original poetry. I try to post a video every week to two weeks. 🙂

Connect with me on Twitter.

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One More Day: Super Sale on Reblogs

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What are reblogs?


I’d call them trailers for blog posts.

Let’s say you write a blog post. So, I choose a short snippet of that post (usually the first lines) then add a link to your post. I put this on my blog.

This way, over 140,000 people get to see this short preview. Those who want to read more, click on the link and go to your blog.

It’s a way to gain exposure.

“Cristian Mihai’s reblogging of each chapter of my novel Redwood Summer onto his site allowed me to reach a wider audience of new readers that I would not have found otherwise. Thank you!” – Robert Kirkendall


Is it just me? 👀 Is It always necessary to be on guard??


4D222307-D120-445A-95B3-2251B0F7FE3E no copyright pop out eyes web images

<<You’ve received a message from??>>       Hit enter to see message.(I innocently read) Okay(click) I hit the enter button w/ my finger.

BAM!!(no I’m Not Emril) My eyeballs poop out of my head and flatten onto my computer screen.(👀) What the beepity bleep!

Look! This is a picture of my _ _ _ _ _ fill in the blank(feel free to add / remove more or less letters depending on the body part).

All the sudden my phone starts dancing as it is doing so much vibrating. Who knew my desk could make a noise like that? My messenger app is going bonkers.

My forehead begins to drip sweat like a faucet. My hands are fumbling around in an attempt to hit ignore before a video chat may accidentally open. NO! I do not want to see(speechless) the video chat.


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