imaginationmotivationSuch a wonderful gift the world has given us… the power of imagination. We can make anything up in our minds. Create anything at all. Re-arrange elements, add or subtract…

It is said we spend about 30% of the time daydreaming. It is said we fall asleep imagining perfect scenarios…some times we sleep with them inside our heads too.

Tonight I’m going to tell you how imagination can help you get everything you ever wanted. Continue reading


The World Fire

Dappled light danced across Vivian’s face, a hypnotic electric blue. She’d traveled long and far to get here, to the ends of the Earth and back. So much pain. So much loss. Time had passed her by as she wandered the darker passages of the world, until everyone and everything she’d ever known was dead.


Book Review: The Rise and Fall of the Universe-Cosmos

“If our ideas about creation are confused, we are lost.”

Human civilization is synonimous with trying to understand how this world began. We’ve been trying to explain how this Universe came to be ever since. Why?

Well, you should read David Shaw‘s short book on the subject.

Because in order to know who you are, where you are going, you need to know where you came from.

The past defines the present and influences the future, whether we like to admit it or not.


David Shaw lives in Silver Spring Maryland with his wife Loydell Jones. David studied philosophy and theology at Thomas Aquinas Institute in River Forest, Illinois and Dubuque, Iowa from 1957 to 1964. He earned an M.A in sociology at the University of Chicago in 1967. He was employed at the Bureau of the Census from 1968 to 1999. He served as president of American Federation of Government Employees, Local 2782 for three terms between 1970 and 1977. David published The Mount Vernon-Lee Vantage monthly newspaper in Fairfax County, Virginia from 1988 to 1999. He was a leader in creating the Mount Vernon Community Assembly in 1991 and the Franconia Community Assembly in 1997. He studied oil painting at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland from 2006 until 2008. He served on the executive committee of the Montgomery County Civic Federation in 2010-2011. He convened and serves as president of the Glenmont Exchange, Inc., 2012-.

Creation has been David’s central religious concern since his late teens. He was concerned that creation was taught as a past event that left no role for humans. He remembers the jolt he experienced when he learned about the ancient Hebrew cosmos. He also remembers the excitement he experienced upon finding Isaac Asimov’s step by step account of the opening of the solid sky. David can be reached by email at

Is Your Life Begging for a Re-design?

Cultivating Connection


I remember that feeling: of a life so heavy with responsibilities and commitments that I didn’t have the time or energy to engage in sorely needed self-care, much less figure out how to make a lasting shift.  That was overwhelm.

I also remember the feeling of my subsequent phase, wondering if I was making the right move and trying to forge a new path, as I transitioned away from my corporate job and into the unknown of full-time self-employment, free of defined structure and a stable income. For a while I was feeling a little lost.

These memories all came tumbling back when I recently attended a weekend workshop called Designing Your Life for Women, facilitated by Stanford instructors Kathy Davies and Susan Burnett in Asilomar.  Can I first just say how great it was?! We were 47 women in a beautiful setting on the California Coast learning about…

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TMM: E/Motion


Here’s the thing about art and life and love: we often wait to feel something before we act.

In art, we call this being inspired. You need to feel the story, the character, to know where it’s all headed for. Or you need to have the vision of a painting, the melody, etc.

Truth be told, it’s not like that. Of course, it’s the easiest way, but this is a circle. Like those vicious circles and self-fulfilling prophecies.

What I mean by this is that motion also breeds emotion.

Inspiration must find you working.

You start working on a piece and sooner or later you’ll find yourself being inspired.

Little by little.

Books only get written one word at a time.

So, you write a few words.

“I’m just going to work on this piece for half an hour.”

You set yourself to fail.

It’s probably going to suck…

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Que sera, sera


It is said that when God glued the stars to the heavens, He already knew man would be His ultimate creation. To be created in His image. So God chose to write man’s fate in the stars. All that would happen, all the forces that would build or crush man’s dreams, all the moments of doubt, joy, or sorrow. All the tears, of all kinds. Everything, written in the stars. Everything, to be guarded by the most beautiful of angels.Que sera, sera.

Whatever will be, will be. What’s meant to happen, will happen. Whether we want to or not.

The strange coincidences that shape the course of our lives are drawn against the night sky. You can almost decipher everything in the coldest and darkest nights. You can almost see your future, glued against the dark silence.
Whatever will be, will be.

And no man can ever do anything about…

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