The Promise of Joy

Treena Meyers

Right before Thanksgiving I was speaking to a group of students on thankfulness and how to live a life that in gratitude to God for all He has done for us. I admitted to the students that I was amazed at how many people on social media jumped on the bandwagon to post “30 Days of Thankfulness” declarations on what they were thankful for during the month of November. My amazement came not from the fact that people jumped on the bandwagon to be thankful, but amazed at how quickly people forget the other 335 days of the year. It was as if so many had nothing to be thankful for the rest of the year. The students laughed. One student even said that he was saving up all his thankfulness for November so he could be SUPER THANKFUL. I am not quite sure I understand that, but I went…

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How to judge a book

book_judgeBy its cover, of course. Well, not quite.

Tonight’s post is more about judging a book after you read it. Strictly speaking, there are no bad books. If just one person genuinely likes your story, just for the story itself, not because that person owes you money, then your book is good. And the difference between books lies in the number of people who like that book. That doesn’t necessarily make bestsellers the best books in the world.

The thing is, there isn’t a best book in the world, there isn’t a greatest writer. No one can give you this title, and no one will ever be unanimously considered to be the best writer ever. Continue reading

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Our Bodies Betray Us


I’m drinking again

And all I can think of is her

          It’s cold outside

          And the warm melted cheese of my quesadilla

                   Embraces the foamy amber

I keep talking about the time I fell in love

And even though I know my friend is tired of me talking about her

          Fuck him

          I don’t care

I get poetical when I’m drunk,

          I dream of my waitress giving me blowjobs,

                   In that perfect way, she used to

The way she would roll her tongue and sometimes use the sharpness of her teeth…

Nothing like the threat of castration

To get harder

She pulled me closer, and I told her my chemicals were for her

Only her

And her skin was meant for me to puncture

And draw monuments to

The way I used the red pen

No one else will know how to


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“Explode onto the page”

Lynda Filler-Author, Freelance Writer, Soc Media Lover


One of the best parts of my job as a professional book reviewer is discovering new indie talent, but even more importantly watching that writing talent grow and mature over the years and the books. This is very much the case with this author, Lynda Filler. I had read some of her earlier books and although I enjoyed them and I had a feeling there was something special about her writing and her stories, it is only now, with her latest book, Lie To Me, that I can see that talent literally explode onto the page and excite me, as a reader.
Lie to Me, is a hard-hitting, powerful story about male prostitution in Mexico, as told through the eyes of Layla, an American writer who lives in Puerto Vallarta and writes, freelance for a magazine in the US, and also through the individual male prostitute’s perspectives. Layla is…

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