R is for REALITY – The Roundhead Prelude 1, share, if you dare..

Twisted Roads of Madness

“I’m telling you Susie, it scared the fuck out of me!” He says into the computer, she laughs and he twists his bottom lip up in disapproval. “It’s not funny, it’s scary as hell, have you even read it yet?”

“No way, that sort of stuff is not my kind of thing, I prefer twilight if I want to be scared, it’s monsters and stuff, but not gory like the crap you like, you know that,” she says from the other end.

“You don’t know what you’re missing out on, this is like next level mindfuck stuff, I’ve got to send you the link, trust me it will change your mind on this sort of stuff,” he says as he quickly changes the tab to his browser and shares a link to the blog with her, and moves back to Skype, but instead of the Susie on the other end…

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The Agony and the Ecstasy of Change


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I had, for a long while, been addicted to self development. It was like peeling onion layers; more were always waiting for you to deal with. But I was determined to  recover from the effects of crippling emotional baggage I’d had since childhood.

I’d felt an outsider most of my life, especially at school, even though there were times when I was popular. I rarely felt happy inside, even though I had a smile on my face much of the time. It started in early childhood. I wasn’t as bright as my older brother and younger sister; I wasn’t as pretty as my two younger sisters. Mum didn’t actually say the words, but when she talked, and she talked a lot—I became a good listener—and I read between the lines: ‘He’s a genius… she’s pretty…’ etc etc.  There was more to it than that, there always is…  But I…

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Morning Coffee

ineffable facade

You made me forget




Formation and syllables




Learning from a queen




This realist was ready to reenlist

With my miss I’ll walk confidently through

all levels of our awaiting inferno.

My morning coffee

You give me a reason to wake up,

But you also make it that much harder to leave this bed.


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What we give

“We only have what we give.”Isabel Allende

Even though at times in doesn’t seem so, all we are in this world is what we give. Your employer pays you according to your contribution to the firm, the people around you love you and respect you according to the effort you put into building and maintaining those relationships.

The world is but a mirror.

What we give to the world becomes our legacy. What we give becomes the one thing people will never forget.

If you aspire to leave the world better than you found it, you’ll be successful.

If you help people not for want of a certain reward but because it’s the right thing to do.

If you treat those around you better than they treat you.

We only have what we give.

Remember these words.

The richest man in the cemetery is still just as dead as the rest of them.

We only have what we give.

The support we offer others, the love, the care, the respect…

We only have what we give, for all else leaves this world the moment we do.

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exercise your mind

relearning - skillshare - collective

eat, sleep, exercise your mind,
but take heed or you’ll be locked; confined
to find that your mind isn’t as vast as your time.


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