Conquering the World: Choose One of Two Paths

In 336 B.C., a brash 20-year-old prince visited the Greek city-state of Corinth. During his stay, the prince visited the philosopher Diogenes of Sinope, one of the founders of the Cynic philosophy.

The philosopher was quite a controversial character, infamous for his open criticism of Plato and his rather shocking lifestyle; he begged for a living and often slept in a large ceramic jar, or pithos, near the gymnasium in Corinth.

The young prince decided to meet this eccentric character. He found the philosopher lying in the sun. The prince addressed him and asked if he wanted anything at all from him, to which Diogenes replied, “Yes, I just want you not to stand in the sun.”

The young prince was so impressed by the philosopher’s nonchalant demeanor that he stated, “But truly, if I were not Alexander, I wish I were Diogenes.”

Two years later, now a king in his own right, Alexander set out to conquer his way to the edge of the known world.

During the following decade, nothing stopped him. Nothing. Vastly superior armies, impregnable fortresses, mountains and rivers and deserts, hunger, thirst, the sea itself, the uttermost extremes of physical hardship and war. His body was littered with scars; everywhere that is, except his back. He never retreated, and he never lost a battle.

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Cool New Perks for Those Who Join irevuo


Cristian here.

First of all, I’d like to thank Elizabeth, John, and all the others who have joined the community so far. Having a lot of fun getting to known you, your writing goals, and learn a bit about the challenges and struggles you face as self-publishers.

Important: if you’ve joined the community and have not replied to my welcome email, do check your inbox (or spam inbox) for an email from or simply write me an email, so I can set up your account on our platform.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I highly recommend that you read this article right here. And then this one right here.

That being said, I’ve decided on a few new perks for those who decide to join our community before we launch on June the 15th.

Yes, besides the incredibly low $19 price-tag for lifetime access (access to the platform will cost $9/month once we go live), you also get the following:

  1. A “founding member” badge within the community, which will certainly give you bragging rights.
  2. Your will be mentioned on a special page (with a link to your blog/website) as a founding member.
  3. Each month, we’ll feature one of our members (an interview or feature)

Once again, I’m terribly excited to be working on this new project of mine, and I’m not only certain that it’s going to help self-publishers through all the stages of writing, editing, and publishing a book, but also help them build and nurture meaningful relationships with fellow creatives and other experts.

So, yeah, we’re certainly gaining traction, and I do want you to take advantage of this offer, and get lifetime access to the platform (and the community) for only $19.

If you want to join our community of self-publishers (and get access to an ever-growing library of content) you can register by clicking this link here.

The Beauty of Doing What You Can With What You Have

Some five hundred years ago, a 26 year old sculptor was given the task of turning a leftover slab of marble into a work of art. Other artists had tried to give life to the stone and had failed, but the young artist took on the contract, determined to shape the marble that others had discarded.

Early in the morning on September 13, 1501, the young artist began to work in order to extract his vision from the piece of stone. He carved and carved until he set his dream free.

Later, artist Giorgio Vasari would describe the process as, “bringing back to life of one who was dead.”

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A Few Updates (And FAQs) on irevuo’s New Community

First of all, I’d like to thank Jennifer, Susan, and Jack for being the first to join irevuo’s upcoming community of self-publishers.

While the community does go live on the 15th of June, you still get access to all the premium tutorials and articles on the blog, so do check out your email inbox or send me an email at, so I can set up an account with lifetime access to irevuo for you.

In case you missed yesterday’s article, click here to read it, then return to this article.

I’ve received quite a few emails from folks interested in joining our community of self-publishers, and I’d like to answer them in this post.

Is this space beginner friendly?

Yes, of course. Both the workflows and frameworks that will be shared on the blog, and the community will be geared towards enabling novice self-publishers to connect and learn from more experienced independent writers.

What if I don’t have a book ready for publication?

Our goal at irevuo is to develop a community-powered workflow that enables you to go from idea to published book faster and cheaper, while also reaching for a high-production value.

Even if you only have a first draft, or are in the process of writing your book, you can still ask for feedback, go through valuable tutorials about creativity and writing, and get a sense of what is required once you have a finished book.

What if I don’t want to be part of the community?

A surprisingly common question.

Well, here’s the thing: while the community aspect of irevuo is what will enable a lot of self-publishers to release a title without having to invest a lot of time, effort, and money (no need to pay for expensive editors or a professional designer), you can certainly learn to do everything yourself by taking advantage of an ever-growing library of resources.

It’s up to you, and with this special offer (only $19 for lifetime access to the platform), it’s quite a bargain even if you never take advantage of the community.

What if someone steals my work in progress?

On a public forum, among dozens of other self-publishers? There’s an obvious paper trail, and we believe this is reason enough to keep folks from acting in an immoral (and illegal) manner.

However, it’s up to you what you decide to share with the community. You might not want to share a work in progress, and only provide advance review copies to willing beta-readers, or you just want some advice on which cover design to select.

Like I said, this community is for every single stage in the self-publishing process, and it’s up to you to decide on how much help you request/need.

Here’s the thing. I am confident in this community-powered workflow because I am willing to do the work.

I am serious enough to show up and provide guidance, both in the form of tutorials, and in the form of feedback.

Also, the more people join the community early on, besides the benefit of an incredibly affordable (it’s about the price of a dinner, really), the more I will be able to convince other self-publishing experts to join (I already have a few big names in mind that I will contact in June.)

That being said, I do believe that the real power of irevuo is not in experts passing down knowledge as some benevolent gods, but rather in the collaborative work that ambitious self-publishers eager to learn the tricks of the trade are willing to do.

Yes, self-publishing is a lot of work, and neither this community, nor any course, eBook, or tutorial is going to change that, but we can make the journey more enjoyable (and far less lonely.)

That’s what irevuo is all about.

So, what not join?

What do you have to lose?

Right now, it’s $19 for lifetime access. Next month? It’s going to be $9/month.

So, click here and join a community of ambitious self-publishers.

Lessons on Time Management From the Richest Stoic

In AD 65, Seneca the Younger was ordered to take his own life by the Roman Emperor Nero. Seneca followed tradition by severing several veins in order to bleed to death, while also ingesting poison.

This order was a response to Seneca’s supposed involvement in a conspiracy to assassinate Nero. Former consul and advisor to the emperor and one of the richest and most powerful men in Rome, Seneca decided to embody the stoic philosophy to the very end. He accepted his fate with calm, even though those around him urged him to beg for his life.

While Seneca’s words of wisdom touched on countless aspects of life, he is perhaps best remembered for his piercing thoughts on the value of time.

This wisdom is relevant to this day, or maybe even more so, as we live in a world that makes it easy to lose track of time as we immerse ourselves in countless micro-distractions.

Carpe diem, as the Romans used to say, is an art that needs tinkering with as we do our best to seize time rather than waste it.

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