As an independent blogger, I rely on my reader’s support to keep the engine running.

This year, a number of bloggers have sponsored the blog.

In return, I am thanking them for their support:

The Thinking Captain – Life experiences and meaningful exchanges shared by a lady captain with an evolving mind and a large heart.

David R. Deitrick, Designer – A mixture of social comment & observation, art, and humor.

Barbara – A truly inspirational blog. Never settle. Don’t even think about it. Don’t you even dare.


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Moon Sisters Tribe

Benen Karski


Roadrunner Musings

The Other Worlds

Writing with Amira

Depressed Kiwi

The Auto Book Blog

Peter Craig-Mcfeely

Loving One Another

Janine Bertolo

African Paradise World

BZMaestro Eats

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