Weekend ad sale

saleFor a two day period you’ll have a chance to buy advertising on this blog for half the usual price. Here are the options:

  • Post Sponsor – $15 – Receive a mention as sponsor at the end of a blog post. This also includes a short description of your website and a link.
  • Text Ad – $25 – Your name (or your business/blog) listed in the sidebar, along with a short description (20 words or less) and a link to your website. One month of advertising.
  • Sponsored Post – $50 – I will write a blog post about your blog, or review one of your books, or interview you about your art. That’s right, this post is restricted to art related blogs/websites. You choose how you want the blog post to be, and what you want to contain. Also, the post will be kept “sticky” at the top of my website for an entire week.
  • Graphic Ad – $125 – A 300X250 graphic ad in the sidebar of my blog, linking to your website. I can design the ad for you, at no additional cost. Nothing illegal or immoral though. One month of advertising.

The only thing you need to do is to add a valid e-mail address when you buy the chosen ad option, so I can contact you. That’s all, basically.


Advertising options

If you haven’t noticed, I decided to offer people a couple of advertising options. Given the nature of this blog, it’s mostly aimed at indie artists, but anyone is welcome to advertise something they feel readers of this blog would benefit from.

I took this decision mostly because I’d very much like to keep having my blog powered by WordPress VIP, and take advantage of all the plugins and other options they’re going to implement in the future, most of which I have yet to explore.

Before I explain more of the advertising opportunities, I have this to say: this won’t interfere with my usual blogging, editorial policy, or whatever. Sponsored posts will be only 4 per month, and I’ll make sure they’re worth your time (that’s why I’m going to write them myself.) Continue reading

Sponsored posts, advertising, and the future

There are some cool perks to having a WordPress VIP blog, and one of them is the ability to advertise various stuff.

Basically, now you can advertise your business, blog, books, art, etc. on my blog.

Why? Continue reading

irevuo.com: new features

A few sleepless nights and the website is looking better. And it’s got more functions. Or something like that.

So, basically, we’ve got the following things:

  • The online magazine part, with art related news, interviews, and so on.
  • The community. This part is what I’d like to tell you about. You can register for an account with your e-mail or use one of your social media accounts (including your WordPress.com account) What can you do with an account on irevuo? Well, you can start topics, reply, and stuff like that on our forum. You can add pictures (your work), you can interact with other users, create user groups, and so on. So, it’s kind of like a mini-social network for artists.

But wait, there’s more. More updates, that is. Continue reading

irevuo Crowdfunding stats

Our main Indiegogo campaign will reach its final day in a few hours, and I’m here to thank you all. For your contributions, for your likes and shares, and for being awesome. With your, irevuo is not only possible, but it can also be great.

It’s not about the amount we raised, it’s about what we achieved. What you achieved, to be exact. You, the loyal followers of my blog, some of whom I’ve come to consider friends. You helped this project, you supported this idea from the very beginning. You made our extended goal possible, you made all this possible. Continue reading

irevuo Magazine

I spent the last three days reading magazines. A lot of them. Well, some of them I just analyzed in terms of layout, font type/size, etc. And some I read. I wanted to make sure that we can make a really great magazine. And, apparently, we can.

It’s not going to be easy. In case you didn’t know, I format all my books (both digital and paperback editions,) and I pretty sure I do a pretty good job. But this is different. We’re talking about a 8.5 by 11 inches, full color magazine. Lots of content, lots of pictures, info boxes, etc. So the layout is much more complex, but thank God for Adobe InDesign. Continue reading