Life Coaching. Ten Spots. Pay what you want. Kinda.

First of all, you should watch this short introductory video. Secondly, you should know that I am doing this my way. If you enjoy reading my motivational posts, if you’d like a boost of motivation to accomplish your goals, if you are struggling with self-worth, regrets, lack of confidence, than… maybe I can help you.

A one on one coaching week. Intensive stuff. Two hour long sessions over Skype(or any other platform of your choosing). Lots of e-mails, advice, and, you know, just me telling you to see things are they are, to accept reality, then to face it.

The price?


If, at the end of this week, you feel that I have added real value to your life, that I have genuinely helped you, then you’re free to pay whatever you want on top of that. Or nothing, if you believe that I have done exactly 5 bucks worth of coaching.

If, on the other hand, you did not enjoy this experience, I’ll refund you twice what you paid. So, at the end of the week, you’ll be earning $4.99.

Ten spots available. Find them here.


Interview with Jack Fussell: Raising awareness concerning Alzheimer’s

Here is an interview I did with a man whom I admire tremendously for his mission and the way he dedicates his time and energy to said mission.

1. First of all, tell us a bit about yourself.

Born in Douglas, Georgia in 1950. The one sibling I had passed away due to a heart attack. 6 years in the United States Navy. Two children, a son and a daughter. Divorced for 11 years and we are friends. 24/7 caregiver for my 89 year old mom.

2. You state your mission as “raising awareness concerning Alzheimer’s.” Why? 

I raise awareness because my dad died with Alzheimer’s in 2001. I know that before the government will spend the dollars that “experts” think is needed, they need to know about the problem.

3. What would you like the government to know? Continue reading

Writing a great blog post

First, I’d like to say that there is no how-to guide or recipe for writing a brilliant post. That being said, I’d also like to point out the fact that some posts seem to perform better than others. Lists and guides usually receive more comments and likes than “normal” blogs.

So this is not a how to guide. We’re just going to talk about the major components of a blog post. Continue reading

Ways of monetizing a blog

Let’s say that you built your platform the right way. You have a nice blog, a Twitter account, a Facebook page, all that. You have, what some might call, a following.

And maybe you’re not happy with the exposure you’re gaining from doing all this stuff (which, let’s face it, takes a lot of time.) So you want to earn a few extra bucks while you’re at it. Here are some of the ways you can do that. Continue reading

The Internet and Art

net-artI believe that right now there are more artists on this Planet, more writers choosing to self-publish or just posting their stories on blogs, more painters selling prints and original artwork on deviantart, etsy, and the likes, more sculptors, more singers and aspiring movie makers trying to get more subscribers on YouTube than ever before. Continue reading

Why do you write?

I thought it fun to do a sort of contest/giveaway thing.

Why do you write?

Answer this question in the comments, or write a post and link it to the post. The prize? A signed copy of Jazz.

And, because it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t answer this question, I’m just going to plagiarize my self from an old post of mine:

I’m a writer because I write, because being a writer is what defines me, defines who I am and who I was and who I will be. And trust me, I wrote for all the reasons you can imagine. I wrote because I had to get those words out of my head, I wrote for fun, I wrote because I wanted to impress people, because I wanted to make them cry or laugh. I wrote because I wanted to leave something behind, because I wanted a really long Wikipedia article about me. I wrote for fame and glory, I wrote for money. I wrote because I was heartbroken, I wrote because I knew no one was going to write my stories for me. I wrote because I was starving. I wrote because I was alone.

I wrote for the entire world, and I wrote for just one person.

I wrote because I knew my stories would never come true, and I wrote because I hoped they would.

Contest is open until Sunday morning. Anyone can enter.

irevuo “The Dark Tower” Giveaway

Hi guys,

We decided to post a giveaway for irevuo.

The prize?

Stephen King’s Dark Tower Collection: 8 Books Box Set.

The competition is international. You can enter, no matter where in the world you are. We’ll find a way to ship the books to you.

If you’d like to enter this giveaway, you can do so here.