Six days…

That’s right. We’ve only got six more days to raise a little more than $500.

544 to be exact.

I’d like to thank Diane Randall, Catherine Johnson, librarylifehack, Patrise Henkel, and all the others who contributed to this campaign.

Because this is quite a big amount that needs to be raised, I’m going to launch a new offer: anyone who contributes to this campaign, regardless of the amount, will receive a free e-book copy of my upcoming release, a novella entitled The Art of Being Alone Without Feeling Lonely. This novella will be released in about a week, before I’ll release my next novel, One Third of a Wheel.

So, yeah, you can contribute here (any amount) and regardless of the perks (if any) you select, you’ll also receive an e-book copy of this new release. You can contribute here, and don’t forget, any contribution matters.


Zach Braff’s Kickstarter

kickstarterBy now I suppose you know about Zach Braff’s Kickstarter campaign, in which he managed to raise funds to finance one of his projects (and exceed the goal) in less than a week.

Now, this campaign got a lot of media attention, mostly because Zach Braff is rich and famous, and so he got criticized for not paying the $2 million dollars he needed for his movie out of his own pockets. Then some folks said people were just “contributing,” and if the movie was to become incredibly successful, neither one of them would receive a cut of the profits. Others were basically accusing him of taking people’s money, or something like that, as if people are selling their kidneys on E-bay just to contribute to his campaign. Continue reading