You can’t measure a dream…

One day we grow up and decide that we’re adults. And one of the things that define adults is that their world is ruled by numbers. They calculate, add, subtract, measure… they only believe in what they can see or touch or smell or taste.

The world becomes simple.

There are rules. There are laws. There are guides. There are things that are impossible. Continue reading


11855777_876132899126736_4861646747548953677_nChange is painful. Whether you decide to change, or life simply demands change, it is a painful process. Harmful habits die hard, because we sometimes are so in love with our pain.

We like to have an excuse. Someone or something to put the blame on.

But the truth is that there’s no force on Earth stronger than a human being who wants to achieve something. Who truly wants something. Who fights, who struggles, who cries in pain but doesn’t surrender.

Man achieves the impossible by sheer power of will, and that makes him magic. Continue reading

How to Get Stuff Done: Episode #4

Hi guys,

New video is online now.

The idea that what we do must be perfect is one that kills our drive, our passion, even our desire to succeed.

After all, why even try if what you’re doing is never going to be perfect?

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How to conquer the world…

world“The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.” – Vince Lombardi

I’ve wanted to conquer the world ever since I was six. That was when I began to create this grand vision about myself: that one day I would become the richest man in the world. Of course, over the years that vision changed. But still, I want to conquer the world.

But the thing is, you can’t conquer the world by way of force, by manipulating, by intimidating. That is a lesson that every dictator learned the hard way, either by being defeated or by having his legacy destroyed after his death.
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A call for help

A couple years ago, before I started this blog, one of my uncles asked me about my writing. Back then I was uploading stories on Wattpad, and I was having a lot of fun. So I told him that I had talked with a girl from Etiopia, who said that she really enjoyed my stories. So much that she cried.

And, well, he asked me about money. Was I earning enough?

In fact, I wasn’t making money at all. And I told him that, and I told him that when a stranger genuinely appreciates your art, that’s worth more than all the money in the world.

I was happy back then. Continue reading

How to Get Stuff Done: Episode #3

Hi guys,

New video is online now.

There are a few factors that keep you from getting stuff done and achieving success. We’ll discuss one of them in today’s episode.

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Your thoughts create your world…

Thoughts. They aren’t so easy to control, are they?

You think and you think and then you feel and then you act. Or don’t act.

You think and think and you decide who you are. You let those thoughts tell you are.

You think and you think and you’ve thought yourself out of happiness so many times, but seldom into it. Continue reading