Dream City

paulIf you read yesterday’s post you know the predicament I’m in. Yesterday I posted the prologue to La Tiers Du Cylindre, now you can read the prologue to Dream City. You can either read it here or download the PDF here.

Inside her gold cage, the woman sang. Continue reading


The Final Countdown

We finally reached this stage. Our main Indiegogo campaign is drawing to a close. With 68 hours left,  this is the final countdown, and I suggest you read this post while listening to this super famous, kick-ass song. Continue reading

irevuo: Meet the crew. An Interview with Ioana Brinzei

It’s irevuo week here at my… uhm.. blog, and I thought it would be cool to introduce you to the crew. You know, the guys who are going to write the articles, interviews, and stuff.

Of course, the best way to do this is to interview them. So say hi to Ioana. She’s Romanian, and she doesn’t like long walks on the beach. I’ll let her tell you more… Continue reading