irevuo Showcase 2013

showcaseLet me explain this irevuo Showcase thingy I plan on releasing this summer. Basically it’s a sort of catalog of indie visual artists. A showcase. It’s going to be made available in electronic format and a print format.

The idea is that you’re supposed to get some exposure from this, mostly because the electronic format will be made available for free. Of course, inclusion in this showcase is free.

What do you need do to in order to get your work showcased? Continue reading


Self-publishing a book series

A short disclaimer first: I have yet to self-publish a book series, so you just read this post and take what you think would work.

Ah, one more thing: there’s no recipe, no secret marketing formula that’s going to ensure huge sales. I don’t have it, and quite frankly, no one has it. Continue reading

irevuo Magazine

I spent the last three days reading magazines. A lot of them. Well, some of them I just analyzed in terms of layout, font type/size, etc. And some I read. I wanted to make sure that we can make a really great magazine. And, apparently, we can.

It’s not going to be easy. In case you didn’t know, I format all my books (both digital and paperback editions,) and I pretty sure I do a pretty good job. But this is different. We’re talking about a 8.5 by 11 inches, full color magazine. Lots of content, lots of pictures, info boxes, etc. So the layout is much more complex, but thank God for Adobe InDesign. Continue reading