The Secret to An Extraordinary Life

A year ago, I packed everything I owned into my girlfriend’s car and left my hometown of Constanta, Romania for a lot of unknown possibilities in the capital of Romania.

Don’t tell her that, but I was kind of scared to death.

You see, just like most other folks, when you’ve been doing something in a certain way all your life, it’s almost impossible to decide on a new way of doing it.

But I had to decide. She had gotten a new job, a much better job, and I couldn’t tell her not to take advantage of such an opportunity because I didn’t feel like stepping outside my comfort zone.

Now, the thing is that opportunities don’t look like an incredibly easy and fast way to achieve something.

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Instantly Improve Your Self-Awareness with This Trick

According to this website, there are 7,869,619,359 people in the world right now. It’s got to be true because it’s on the Internet, right?

Out of all these billions of people, you will only ever interact with a small percentage of them, you will only ever care about those closest to you, physically and emotionally, the ones you understand, the ones who understand you.

But at the same time, and I’m sure you noticed this, there are certain traits or habits that we loathe in others?

We often have strong reactions to certain behaviors, but fail to respond properly to major flaws in character and personality. If you’ve never been the victim of oppression, it won’t elicit the same type of response as, say, being revolted by how reckless with their money our friends are.

These subtle traits that drive you crazy are not random. They get to you because you recognize a bit of yourself in them; they are, in fact, the traits you are most afraid of, the traits you suppress in any way you see fit.

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Your Journey Towards Home Is Your Home

We often think the point of being a human is to establish a self that is free from suffering, that is free from the outcome of pursuing happiness, love, success, fame, money…

The point of being human is not to travel to a place where everything is perfect. Instead, it is to understand that your struggle to establish a human self is inseparable from the self it creates.

In other words, your journey towards home is, in fact, your home.

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Little by Little, a Little Becomes a Lot

Some two and a half millennia ago, in what is now Southern Italy, there lived a legendary wrestler by the name of Milo of Croton.

A six-time Olympic Champion, Milo’s career spanned 24 years, during which he was undoubtedly the best wrestler of his generation. He is said to have been able to carry a bull on his shoulders and to have burst a band about his brow by simply inflating the veins on his temples.

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Your Ego Is Not Your Enemy

Defined as a person’s sense of self-esteem, the ego has become a sort of villain in the personal development community.

Your ego is not your enemy. Your ego is not an excuse for being obnoxious, arrogant, or self-centered.

Your ego is simply who you think you are. Your ego is either the reason you are walking through hell or the reason you often catch a glimpse of heaven.

If you look within, you are able to venture in the center of your fears and confront them. If you look around, you are often told that those fears are who you truly are.

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