imaginationmotivationSuch a wonderful gift the world has given us… the power of imagination. We can make anything up in our minds. Create anything at all. Re-arrange elements, add or subtract…

It is said we spend about 30% of the time daydreaming. It is said we fall asleep imagining perfect scenarios…some times we sleep with them inside our heads too.

Tonight I’m going to tell you how imagination can help you get everything you ever wanted. Continue reading



“Expectation is the root of all heartache.” – William Shakespeare
Odds are that you set your expectations too high. Why is this important? Why is this even in this book?

Because your expectations are going to work against you. And you are going to want to give up. When you write a post and no one bothers to comment, when it feels as if you are not having the results you wanted, which means you aren’t good enough, and maybe this isn’t for you.

I know. Been there, done that.

First month blogging, I had five hundred views in total. Not what I was expecting.

You’ve got to learn to act without expectation. Easier said than done, right?

But you’ve got to understand that results take time. Longer than you predict. Significantly longer. Also, you’ve got to simply do your thing and enjoy the journey(this is becoming a running theme).

Blog for the sake of it. Blog because you have something to say, not because you want to say something.

This might seem like such a big cliche to you, but we often forget that cliches tell the truth. One that is so obvious that we tend to dismiss it.

Then there’s this other thing: the things that some people spend lifetimes doing seem effortless. Ever watched a great athlete? Or a brilliant artist?

Heck, most people would think it easy to film themselves and upload said videos on YouTube.

It is not.

You find yourself thinking “I could do that,” you’re not considering the learning curve. You think it’s too easy.

If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere…

That’s why expectations are bad. That’s why being result oriented is bad. Because when dreaming about said results, we always neglect to take into account the obstacles, the sacrifices, all the petty frustrations.

This is not a sprint, which is also why you cannot rely solely on enthusiasm alone to do the job.

As they say, patience is a virtue.

Let go of any expectations, and enjoy the journey.


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Why To Never Give Up

I often say that perseverance matters a lot. Because it all takes hard work and discipline.

Being resilient means facing adversity. Also, nothing works the first few times.

You’ve got to understand that greatness is achieved, not offered. It is earned.

This is why you should never give up.

As long as you keep fighting, anything is possible. If you quit, you’ve lost.

As they say, you can’t beat someone who doesn’t give up.

Never give up!

The box

There are certain patterns of thinking that limit our possibilities, that hinder our potential.

Trying to play it safe, trying to be reasonable, trying to do what’s easy, our longing for future comfort, safety, or the idea that some people are gifted and we’re not.

We define our own selves. We also limit ourselves.

Fear is simply a story we tell ourselves.

The things we can (or can’t) do are rarely a reflection of actual abilities, but rather a reflection of our beliefs in said abilities.

There is no box. There are no limits. Impossible is nothing.

Cliches, right?

But it’s well to remember from time to time that all cliches become so because they are painfully true.

Thus, the trick is to revel in the posibility of reaching a certain level of mastery, the highest level of performance in any given field.

The idea is not to become the best, but to always become better.

Simple, isn’t?

As long as it takes

Dreams don’t come true through magic or by accident.

Dreams come true because you believe in them and are willing to work on making them happen.

You can do anything in life as long as you believe and don’t give up. Continue reading

Before too late…

Imagine the few moments before your death. The few moments when your whole life will flash before your eyes. Is it worth watching?

Odds are that you’ll feel regret. All the “what ifs” that can no longer be acted upon, all your broken dreams and hopes and ideas. All the happiness that you could’ve created. All the help you could’ve given others. Continue reading


“A writer is an organism that will go on writing even after its heart has been cut out.”Wallace Stegner

In April 2012 I decided that I was going to write. No matter what. I was heartbroken, alone, poor, and sick. What else was there for me?

The woman I was in love with was about to get married. I had such low self-esteem because of my issues with my teeth that I couldn’t stare her in the eyes. She’d keep asking me to look at her, yet I couldn’t. What woman would choose such a man?

You see, hearts break sometimes. And when they do, some pieces get turned into art. Stories, paintings, songs. Tears become words. Those words that press heavy against one’s heart comfort those whose own hearts have been broken.

Art is the only glue that keeps most hearts from shattering. Continue reading