A kind of collective interview

Okay, so I know I haven’t been updating this blog lately. But I have some pretty good excuses, such as:

1. My computer is a piece of trash. It’s either gonna die soon or explode. Of course, if it explodes it also dies so…

2. I’m working on the magazine.

So, here’s the thing. I had something like an epiphany a week or so ago and decided that each issue of irevuo magazine is going to center around a certain subject… some’ like that. This month’s topic is self-publishing, and I’d like to ask you (you being my fellow indie writers) three simple questions. Continue reading


Work, work, work

pozaYeah, it’s me in the photo. And I’m wearing an irevuo t-shirt.

So, basically I’m working like crazy on the site, trying to get it all ready before Saturday night. And I’ve still to send out e-mails to people, and last night I almost got some proper sleep. Oh, and this computer’s making funny noises… and I just changed practically everything in it a few months ago. How much I love technology, especially when it sounds like a desperate cricket. Or something. Continue reading