imaginationmotivationSuch a wonderful gift the world has given us… the power of imagination. We can make anything up in our minds. Create anything at all. Re-arrange elements, add or subtract…

It is said we spend about 30% of the time daydreaming. It is said we fall asleep imagining perfect scenarios…some times we sleep with them inside our heads too.

Tonight I’m going to tell you how imagination can help you get everything you ever wanted. Continue reading


Do what you love, love what you do

When I first started blogging over five years ago I had no idea what I was getting myself into. None. But I knew this: it was going to be cool. Epic. People from all over the world would be moved by my words, I’d have a platform to sell my novels, it would be awesome. More than awesome.

But I had absolutely no idea what to blog about. What does a writer blog about? Let me rephrase that: what does an aspiring twenty year old writer blog about? Writing? Does he pass advice he got from others? Does he write flash-fiction?

I reviewed books.

But I soon realized that I’m not a big fan of doing that. I do not have the patience to descriptively praise or criticize some other writer’s stuff.

I had a problem. I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t know what to do to get it.

Because, you see, there’s this thing we, humans, do. We want the victory, but not the struggle.

Most people would like to be rich and famous. They’d like to be rock stars or movie stars. They’d love to have a blog and write about their thoughts and ideas and receive thousands of comments.


That is the reward. The rich & famous part. The admiration of others.

We all want the reward, but few are willing to do what it takes to receive it.

That is why, as terrible as this cliche may be, it is important to do what you love. To follow your passion, so to speak.


Because until you form a habit of blogging, all you have is passion. All you have is determination and discipline. The excitement of embarking on a strange and perilous journey.

It wasn’t until I realized what my passion was that I could blog daily and enjoy it. I am a sucker for art. My walls are covered in paintings and drawings, even though I cannot draw a straight line. Even with a ruler. My body is covered in tattoos. My shelves are lined up with hundreds of books.

I wrote about that. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

I wrote about art and inspiration and then I realized I enjoyed writing about life and its intricacies and problems and all that. I also loved motivating and inspiring others, so I blogged about that as well.

So, the number one rule: Do what you love.

Ask yourself if blogging is what you want. If you believe in the power of your words and stories and ideas.

This is not about skill, but about will.

It’s not about having what it takes, but about being willing to do what it takes.

In this case, it means staring at a computer screen for quite a lot. Sometimes you’ll feel like giving up, for no words come out of your brain. Other times it means pouring your heart out, and no one notices or cares or even bothers to leave a simple comment.

You’ve got to enjoy the journey, the process of blogging.

This will sustain you for as long as it takes to form the habit.

So, the first thing one must do before creating a blog is to find one’s passion.

What excites you?

What makes you feel alive?

It could be art, it could be photography, it could be gardening, barbecues, or sky-jumping. Whatever it is, you need to write about that.


Because that’s what you love, duh. And because you love it, there’s a chance someone else does too. No man is an island, so that passion of yours developed because other people have been loving it before you.

We are not as unique and special as we like to think.

Find your passion.

Do what you love, love what you do. The first step when it comes to blogging.


Guys, I am excited to announce the Journey.

I do not like the term “guide” but I had to use it in my title. What I do like to tell you is this: the book is helpful. I put a lot of effort into giving you “no-bullshit” advice. What I mean by that? Stuff that I know works. Common sense that may not be so common. Insights and inspiration. The right kind of mindset. Developing the habit.

Launch date? The first of September.

Special offer: those of you who pre-order the book will receive a free criticism of your blog.

The Journey: A No-Bullshit Guide to Blogging, only $4.99 on my e-store here.

The box

There are certain patterns of thinking that limit our possibilities, that hinder our potential.

Trying to play it safe, trying to be reasonable, trying to do what’s easy, our longing for future comfort, safety, or the idea that some people are gifted and we’re not.

We define our own selves. We also limit ourselves.

Fear is simply a story we tell ourselves.

The things we can (or can’t) do are rarely a reflection of actual abilities, but rather a reflection of our beliefs in said abilities.

There is no box. There are no limits. Impossible is nothing.

Cliches, right?

But it’s well to remember from time to time that all cliches become so because they are painfully true.

Thus, the trick is to revel in the posibility of reaching a certain level of mastery, the highest level of performance in any given field.

The idea is not to become the best, but to always become better.

Simple, isn’t?

As long as it takes

Dreams don’t come true through magic or by accident.

Dreams come true because you believe in them and are willing to work on making them happen.

You can do anything in life as long as you believe and don’t give up. Continue reading


“A writer is an organism that will go on writing even after its heart has been cut out.”Wallace Stegner

In April 2012 I decided that I was going to write. No matter what. I was heartbroken, alone, poor, and sick. What else was there for me?

The woman I was in love with was about to get married. I had such low self-esteem because of my issues with my teeth that I couldn’t stare her in the eyes. She’d keep asking me to look at her, yet I couldn’t. What woman would choose such a man?

You see, hearts break sometimes. And when they do, some pieces get turned into art. Stories, paintings, songs. Tears become words. Those words that press heavy against one’s heart comfort those whose own hearts have been broken.

Art is the only glue that keeps most hearts from shattering. Continue reading

A matter of perspective

perspective“For everything you have missed, you have gained something. For everything you gain, you have lost something else. It is about your outlook towards life. You either regret or rejoice.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life’s simply a matter of perspective. Everyone’s fighting a hard battle, every single person we meet has lost someone they’ll never get back. Each and every one of us wishes for something that, most probably, we’ll never have.

But what we think about all this is crucial. Continue reading

If you were blind…

“Imagine if you were blind, complete darkness. No colors, no views, no beauty, just pitch black. If you were blind, ask yourself how badly you would want to see.”

If you want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you want to do something, and there’s no way, you make one. You create it.

“If pushing yourself to your limits could give you sight, would you do it? If there was a cure would you let anything stand in your way? Would you listen to the haters and the critics to see again? Do you really want to succeed?”

This is what makes the difference. This and nothing else.

Most people, they kinda-sorta want it. Most people, they prefer to wish for future comfort rather than pay the price to achieve what they want.

But if you were blind?

If you really, really wanted it?

If your life depended on it?

“Would you really care if they mocked you, laughed at you, pointed at you or bad-mouthed you? Would you be concerned about your extreme goal or just embrace the extreme work? What if you had to learn hurt, trust pain, and embrace struggle, would you still be concerned with being realistic? Would you still figure your odds and calculate your chances? If you had to spend more time planning your work-outs and less time planning your weekends, would it even be a tough choice?”

It’s all a mental game. Your mind will play tricks on you. Your mind will tell you to stop.

All that you are is all that you will ever be.

Your mind will tell you that it’s impossible. Even before you attempt it.

Why bother?

You’ll fail anyway.

Better to play it safe. Better to follow the crowd.

“If the cure for blindness was humility and pain, would you go for it? If the cure for blindness was looking foolish would you risk it? If seeing again took a fight, would you start swinging? If the cure was doing things you can’t do, would you attempt them?”

We are all great. We are all heroes. We are all magnificent and brilliant and more intelligent than any other creature before us.

But if you don’t push yourself, if you don’t destroy all the fears that you have created all these years, all the people who told you that you couldn’t do it and believed them…

Do you really want it?

Life will test you. A thousand times. Life will test you if you really want it. If you are willing to sacrifice who you are for it. Comfort, sleep, food…

If you are willing to lose friends over this.

If you are willing to be misunderstood…

“Do you really want to succeed? Then choose to be blind and do whatever it takes to see. Because if you don’t, then you are just blind anyway.”


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