What is life all about

“One day your life will flash before your eyes, Make sure it is worth watching. “ – Gerard Way
First of all, I’d like to tell you that there’s no good or bad in this world. It’s just people. And what they do. And what they say. And what they write. And what they choose not to do or say or write.

It’s that simple and that complicated.

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Dark Night

“Now the standard cure for one who is sunk is to consider those in actual destitution or physical suffering—this is an all-weather beatitude for gloom in general and fairly salutary day-time advice for everyone. But at three o’clock in the morning, a forgotten package has the same tragic importance as a death sentence, and the cure doesn’t work—and in a real dark night of the soul it is always three o’clock in the morning, day after day.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Life is a matter of perspective. What we call reality is limited to how much we perceive. Or how we perceive. Or what we want to perceive.

Events in themselves are meaningless. We attach a certain meaning to them, we choose what we feel, think, and how we react. Continue reading


Life’s a matter of perspective. Yet, we often forget this simple truth. Reality is but a choice, a construct of the mind.

You can decide what this world is all about. Is it beautiful? Ugly? Are you happy or sad? What about others? How are they? How would you describe them?

To describe means to define, and we all become prisoners of our definitions.

So choose your perspective carefully. You are what you choose to see in the world, for whatever defects and flaws you see in the world, the same will be reflectes out of your eyes.


The writers know it all too well. How a blank page is the ultimate definition of them being a failure.
In writing, in life, in love, it is all the same: you miss 100% of the chances you don’t take.

That being said, not taking chances, not assumig risks, not trying to succeed for fear of failure, ends up being the biggest dissapointment, the heartbreaking regret of “could have.”


Just do it.

Don’t think yourself out of an idea. Go for it. If you fail, it’s going to hurt, indeed, but after a while you’ll realize that you actuallt learned something out of it. But not trying at all, that’s going to break your heart every single time you remember your failure to act.

Only bravery

“For the only courage worth calling courage must necessarily mean that the soul passes a breaking point — and does not break.”C.K. Chesterton

Courage is not only a virtue, or one of the most important virtues, or even the most important virtue that a man can posses. Courage is every single virtue at its breaking point.

One cannot be good without being brave; this virtue of his will be tested by men, will be discouraged. One cannot be ambitious unless he is brave enough to keep on going when it seems that the entire universe conspires against his desires. One cannot love unless he is brave enough to fight for that which he loves, unless he is brave enough to fight against the impulse to give up. Continue reading

Life’s a gamble

gambleI always thought that people are never entirely bad or good, and never inherently so. I always believed that people one only one thing: to be happy. And they set out into this world with this goal in mind, doing their best to acquire that which they require in order to be happy.

Happiness is not a destination. It is, I’m afraid, a series of moments in which we feel we have everything. There’s nothing to add, nothing to remove. And we’d like to stretch each and everyone of those moments for as long as possible. Of course, a moment of happiness never lasts forever. Continue reading

“It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”Bill Gates

I believe that we learn a lot more from failure than we ever do from success. While the latter has the tendency of getting to your head, failure keeps one’s motivation strong. Or at least it should.

How you handle failure defines you more than the way you handle success. How you manage to get up tells more about your character than the way you behave after you’ve gotten up. Continue reading