[short story] basorexia

All he was aware of was her. He was aware of her face, of the dress she wore, the distance between them. In this gap, in all the words that he had yet to say to her, was the promise of a great life. His heart was beating slowly but hard. He had never felt so sure of himself, so bewildered by the ease of what he was about to do.

A friend once asked him, “How does she make you feel?”

“She reminds me of winter,” he said.

“You hate winter. You hate the cold,” this friend replied.

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[short story] hiraeth

There’s this mostly unknown writer who is found in a cafe with a former lover of his. From the way he talks, he seems to be made of words and sadness and little else. A suffering face, clothes a bit out of style. Legs crossed. He listens to her talk about what was what while she was no longer his.

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The Heart That Doesn’t Bend Gets Broken

Last night, I was reading an article and stumbled upon an interesting statistic: the average woman kisses fifteen men during her life. I told my girlfriend that, and she asked me how many girls I had kissed.

To be honest, I’ve always thought it to be quite futile to count such things. Not that I find the pursuit of love to be trivial by any means. Quite the opposite. But what difference does it matter how many girls a man kisses? And if it does matter, why does it matter?

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I Wasted My Twenties Wishing For Someone to Ride or Die with Me

For a long time, there was only one group of people that I’d let define me: women.

Specifically, the women I was attracted to.

I’d fall in love too quickly, I’d compromise myself for a bit of attention. I’d call myself a romantic, thought my life was not complete unless I had a soulmate by my side.

After all, I was the one who wrote the following lines, “I could conquer the world with one hand, if only you’d hold the other.”

But you see, the romantics out there are also insecure, selfish, and quite misogynistic. I know, because I also kept asking myself what was wrong with women because they didn’t like me back.

Well, whenever you find yourself asking what’s wrong with something or someone, it’s far more probable there’s actually something wrong with you.

It took me most of my twenties to realize this.

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What Does It Mean to Love Someone?

“I will not live without love.” – Vincent van Gogh

Falling in love is easy. Too easy sometimes. We fall in love with someone who’s a little bit different than all the others we have met before, we fall in love when someone tells us something new about ourselves, we fall in love with the way someone acts or talks, we fall in love with people who have traits that are similar or exactly the opposite of ours.

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