The Art of Blogging

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Sometimes even downright discouraging.

You have so many ideas you want to share with the world. So many things you want to say. So much you want to try.

But your job is demanding. You’re constantly juggling family schedules and obligations. You’re always heading off annoying interruptions.

You wonder if you’ll ever be able to make blogging a permanent part of your life.

You want to get your work out there, but at the same time you’re not an idealist.

You love writing, but it’s not just about self-expression for you.

You don’t need to be a unique snowflake who makes every word trumpet from the heavens so that unicorns prance down on Earth.

You just want to create something you can be proud of.

To finish something you start.

To see some results for a change.

You want to live life on your own terms and change the lives of others — and you know you could do it… if only you knew how.

There’s got to be an art to it, right? There’s got to be some secrets that few are willing to share with the world, some sort of trick that allows you to turn off your phone, sit down at your desk, and produce thousands upon thousands of words. Continue reading


Rules of The Art of Blogging

The idea was to write a short introduction about art. Something short and cute; how art is anything that inspires us and provokes an emotional reaction. What appears to be beautiful to us. And then I’d write a short and cute paragraph on how blogging can also be considered art.

Remember a time when you were moved to tears by a piece you read on someone else’s blog? Or were inspired to take action in a certain area of your life?

Well, that was art. The art of blogging.

Anyway. This was what I wanted to write as an introduction to this book. Because I pretend to be an artist on a daily basis. I also like to write short bios about myself. But then I thought that I’d act like a rebel without a cause and tell you that this is not the kind of book that I recommend if you are very technical about life, if you let your heart be ruled by your brain.

This book is about the art of blogging, about finding the passion that is required to create the kind of content that makes people laugh and cry and be inspired and motivated and all that. Continue reading

Sick and tired

Aren’t you sick and tired?

To put your heart and soul into every piece of you write, and no one cares? Aren’t you tired of it all? To write and write, to publish post after post, and no one gives a damn? Friends and family don’t count; they’re supposed to be supporting you anyhow.

And people don’t get it, right? They can’t see this dream of yours, they can’t see inside your soul, can’t see how much you want it.

You can’t measure want. You can’t measure any of it.

Don’t feel angry? Don’t you wake up some mornings and just want to yell? Stare in the mirror and yell your guts out. You should be dominating this.

You should be the greatest damn blogger this world has ever seen.

But you’re so sick and tired of it all. Nothing seems to work. It’s as if you’re invisible.

I get it. I do. I used to be just like you.

I used to wake up in the morning, defeated. Held my head down every time I had to tell people I had my blog. I was ashamed. What I had wasn’t a blog. It was a static page. Words that no one read, words that no one ever commented on.

You just want to give up, don’t you?

Or maybe you’ve managed to lie to yourself that it doesn’t matter? It’s just a blog. It’s just some writing. It’s just a hobby.

No, it’s not.

If this is your dream, then it’s no one’s right to take it away from you.

If this is what you want, then you have to fight for it.

You have to find ways to learn, to grow, to expand your view of the world. You need to be around the people who have figured a way out of this no man’s land you’re currently inhabiting.

How bad you want it?

Be honest.

Do you want to be a successful blogger?

Do you really want it?

Then do whatever it takes. You’re not a kid anymore, to make excuses.

You either do whatever it takes, or not.

But don’t lie to yourself. It does no good.

If you want to become a great blogger… not good, but great, then you need to enroll in this program. Last two spots available.

A six month one on one program with me. We’ll have loads of fun. You’ll develop the right tools, the proper mindset.

You’ll be dominating it.

The people who once didn’t care about your words will be sending you fan mail.

Six months of getting it right, that’s all it takes.

Six months with me, and you’ll know everything that you need to know in order to create amazing content.

But you gotta hurry. Last two spots available, and for only $199, this is the cheapest program that comes with this kind of guarantee.

Increase your readership to at least 5,000 followers in six months, or you get your money back.

That’s what I offer.

Now, ask yourself…

How bad do you want it?


You can find the program on my e-store here.

8 Best Ways To Gain Followers For Your Blog

Traffic! It’s one of those words that I do not like much, for it almost begs us to forget that those stats represent actual people.

But… but… I know that one of the main reasons we blog is to be read by other people, so this makes it important to gain more followers, to receive feedback, to feel as if what you blog about truly matters to other people.

That’s why I compiled a list of the eight best ways to increase traffic and gain more followers for your blog.


The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Blogging

ultimate_guideLet’s be honest for a moment. There’s no substitute for hard work, dedication, time, energy, and passion, and those of you who want a shortcut will be disappointed by this guide.

Of course, there are some things that you must do in order to be successful as a blogger.

So, yeah, let’s get down to business. Continue reading

What’s the deal with this Mentorship Program?

Truth be told, I’m not very good at marketing ( to be read: does not know how to sell stuff to people) and I also believe there’s this stigma when it comes to being a salesperson or sorts, even though we’re all selling and buying something in one way or another.

Anyway. I’d like to tell you about this Mentorship Program I am offering. No fluff, no wild claims, no nothing.

I know a lot of people are always looking for a shortcut, for an easy way out, for a miracle. The “10 minute ab program,” the “sixty seconds to fame guidebook” and the “step-by-step guide on being successful”. Folks have become rich by selling these sort of things. Continue reading

On Blogging: Why it’s important to have a schedule

First of all, I should let you know it’s Blogging Weekend over on irevuo. Pretty interesting stuff, especially if you’re just starting out.

Anyway, I thought that I should write about blogging from a different perspective and post my thoughts on this blog too. For diversity’s sake. A more philosophical take. Or so it seems to me.

Well now, about the importance of having a schedule for your blog. Or, in other terms, why consistency is key. As a matter of fact, if I were to give you a piece of advice on blogging, writing, life, love, money, getting in top physical shape, or anything else, it would be this: it is more important to be consistent, and by definition, persistent, than it is to be anything else.

But, in case you’re curious, here’s why. Continue reading