Social Media

A lot of people approach social media with the vague hope of it being a sort of wonder solution to marketing and promoting. They’ve been told that social media sells stuff. But I think that they don’t understand how social media actually works.

Social media, social networks, in a way the Internet, can be defined as a continuous flow of INFORMATION. Also, social media enables easy access to ENTERTAINMENT. And lastly, social media is a way for people to interact with each other. Continue reading


Editing life

We all do a bit of editing, especially when we use social media. But is it okay just to show people the highlights of our lives? Is it okay to pretend that everything’s perfect?


Internet artists

net-artI believe that right now there are more artists on this Planet, more writers choosing to self-publish or just posting their stories on blogs, more painters selling prints and original artwork on deviantart, etsy, and the likes, more sculptors, more singers and aspiring movie makers trying to get more subscribers on YouTube than ever before. Continue reading

Six days…

That’s right. We’ve only got six more days to raise a little more than $500.

544 to be exact.

I’d like to thank Diane Randall, Catherine Johnson, librarylifehack, Patrise Henkel, and all the others who contributed to this campaign.

Because this is quite a big amount that needs to be raised, I’m going to launch a new offer: anyone who contributes to this campaign, regardless of the amount, will receive a free e-book copy of my upcoming release, a novella entitled The Art of Being Alone Without Feeling Lonely. This novella will be released in about a week, before I’ll release my next novel, One Third of a Wheel.

So, yeah, you can contribute here (any amount) and regardless of the perks (if any) you select, you’ll also receive an e-book copy of this new release. You can contribute here, and don’t forget, any contribution matters.

Weekend ad sale

saleFor a two day period you’ll have a chance to buy advertising on this blog for half the usual price. Here are the options:

  • Post Sponsor – $15 – Receive a mention as sponsor at the end of a blog post. This also includes a short description of your website and a link.
  • Text Ad – $25 – Your name (or your business/blog) listed in the sidebar, along with a short description (20 words or less) and a link to your website. One month of advertising.
  • Sponsored Post – $50 – I will write a blog post about your blog, or review one of your books, or interview you about your art. That’s right, this post is restricted to art related blogs/websites. You choose how you want the blog post to be, and what you want to contain. Also, the post will be kept “sticky” at the top of my website for an entire week.
  • Graphic Ad – $125 – A 300X250 graphic ad in the sidebar of my blog, linking to your website. I can design the ad for you, at no additional cost. Nothing illegal or immoral though. One month of advertising.

The only thing you need to do is to add a valid e-mail address when you buy the chosen ad option, so I can contact you. That’s all, basically.

A bunch of thanks

First of all (and most importantly) I’d like to thank seidosan, John Jaksich, whataheartcanhold, Nathan Blixt, Karen Robiscoe, and all the others who contributed to my Indiegogo campaign.

Now for that nasty part: we’re currently somewhere between 30% and 31%, with $305 raised out of a goal of $1,000. It can be done. There are still lots of perks available, going for as low as $5.

Remember: any contribution or like or share counts. And the sooner we raise the money, the better.

You can help out here.

Let’s keep this blog alive (and well…),


Zach Braff’s Kickstarter

kickstarterBy now I suppose you know about Zach Braff’s Kickstarter campaign, in which he managed to raise funds to finance one of his projects (and exceed the goal) in less than a week.

Now, this campaign got a lot of media attention, mostly because Zach Braff is rich and famous, and so he got criticized for not paying the $2 million dollars he needed for his movie out of his own pockets. Then some folks said people were just “contributing,” and if the movie was to become incredibly successful, neither one of them would receive a cut of the profits. Others were basically accusing him of taking people’s money, or something like that, as if people are selling their kidneys on E-bay just to contribute to his campaign. Continue reading