new features

A few sleepless nights and the website is looking better. And it’s got more functions. Or something like that.

So, basically, we’ve got the following things:

  • The online magazine part, with art related news, interviews, and so on.
  • The community. This part is what I’d like to tell you about. You can register for an account with your e-mail or use one of your social media accounts (including your account) What can you do with an account on irevuo? Well, you can start topics, reply, and stuff like that on our forum. You can add pictures (your work), you can interact with other users, create user groups, and so on. So, it’s kind of like a mini-social network for artists.

But wait, there’s more. More updates, that is. Continue reading


How much is a follower worth?

I believe we can safely assume that social media has a lot of potential when it comes to selling stuff. We can also assume that all these people following you on Twitter or on your blog, all those Facebook likes, all of them are worth something. The environment has changed, but it’s still about people getting exposed to a message. Continue reading