This video presents a number of interesting concepts about virtual interaction, social networks, and loneliness, but what I found really interesting was the idea that in a virtual environment we get to edit who we are.

In a way, I agree. In a social media world such as ours, we can delete and change who we want the world to believe we are. Information is a couple of seconds from our reach, so we can appear to be smarter, but given enough time I believe you can’t appear to be someone you’re not.Continue reading “Loneliness”

Just do it!

“What’s the primary difference between winners and losers? The winners do it. They do it, and do it, and do it, and do it, until the job gets done.”

Winning isn’t everything. The desire to win is. To lose, again and again, but to keep at it. Because almost is a word that’s going to break your heart, kill your dream, and make you want to keep your head down for the rest of your life. Almost is not enough.

We just need to do it. And do it. And do it.

Sounds so simple, right?

Well, do remember that next time you feel like throwing the towel and call it quits.



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