irevuo – February 2013

I’m going to be as brief as possible because I don’t want to waste your time. Basically, we need your help, so we can launch a new issue of irevuo magazine in February. In order to obtain the much needed funds, we set up a new Indiegogo campaign here.

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10 hours

Here’s my philosophical Christmas thingy:

We want what we want, and we do everything we can to obtain it. There’s no way to go around this. And even though we undoubtedly will cross paths with others, we often mistake their motives and try to make them do things our way. At times, we might even believe we’re alone. Bitterly alone in a world that’s trying its best to keep us as from achieving our destiny.

Sometimes we feel this life resembles a war. Every day is a battle, every day we have to wake up and choose to fight or not. We choose whether our own dreams and ideals are worthy of the tremendous energy we’re wasting just too keep them alive. Continue reading

The next three days

irevuo_proudto<- This is the badge Adrian designed.

Anyway, on a more serious note. The website is fully functional. And, quite frankly, I’m starting to get the hang of it. Especially with that whole Midnight Muse thing. But I’m also searching for great artists, some of which I already contacted. I know Adrian is working on a little surprise for you, something like a Christmas present to all those that helped and supported irevuo all these weeks. Continue reading

The Midnight Muse

tmmSo I decided to do a sort of daily thing on irevuocalled The Midnight Muse. Basically, every midnight I write a post about inspiration and art, or just post a picture, a video, a song, something that’s supposed to kickstart your creativity somehow. You can check out the first post in the series here.

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A few sleepless nights and the website is looking better. And it’s got more functions. Or something like that.

So, basically, we’ve got the following things:

  • The online magazine part, with art related news, interviews, and so on.
  • The community. This part is what I’d like to tell you about. You can register for an account with your e-mail or use one of your social media accounts (including your account) What can you do with an account on irevuo? Well, you can start topics, reply, and stuff like that on our forum. You can add pictures (your work), you can interact with other users, create user groups, and so on. So, it’s kind of like a mini-social network for artists.

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irevuo is online… beta mode for now

On a completely unrelated subject. I think I figured out what the funny noises my computer is making mean: something’s wrong with the hard drive. Or at least, that’s my theory.

What’s that got to do with anything? Beats me.

On more important topics. A couple of days ago I managed to irrevocably fuck irevuo’s theme (and most of the installed plugins.) Oh, sorry for saying fuck. Anyway, I bought a new theme, new plugins, changed a lot of stuff around, didn’t sleep. Continue reading

Work, work, work

pozaYeah, it’s me in the photo. And I’m wearing an irevuo t-shirt.

So, basically I’m working like crazy on the site, trying to get it all ready before Saturday night. And I’ve still to send out e-mails to people, and last night I almost got some proper sleep. Oh, and this computer’s making funny noises… and I just changed practically everything in it a few months ago. How much I love technology, especially when it sounds like a desperate cricket. Or something. Continue reading